Thursday, September 1, 2011

Of Other's issues and a Dragon Lance

Of Other's Issues....

For some weird reason I am a pillar, a psuedo big sister, a real big sister, and mother hen. I do not see these things in myself nor do I honestly relate to anyone who does. Everyone else sees these things in me though, and that means that I am going to be present for all of their issues.
Now, mind you, this isn't always bad. Often times I enjoy being able to help out a friend or give comfort over the phone or tell some one they're being ridiculous.
The thing that bothers me is: I don't know where they're getting this image of me from!
"You're so deep and wise." Acutally I was just stating the obvious from an outside perspective. And really I'm not that deep... most of my thoughts come in comic book form.
My insides probably are three times as scrambled up as those who come to me for hugs and some how I'm supposed to help them get their insides in order.
Well... if there's no one else to do it, might as well be me.
Maybe I should go to school and get payed to listen to other's issues. God knows I do it enough already.

and A Dragon Lance....

So I'm reading the Dragon Lance books for the first time. Can anyone tell me why Raistlin is so freaking popular?! Missy? Anyone?!

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