Monday, April 23, 2012

In the Cardboard Castle

I live in a cardboard castle.
All sandy brown walls.
Filled with little trinkets and winding narrow halls.

Ugh, all that's left is the kitchen and finishing up the office/computer room. Towers of boxes line every corner. We even ran out of boxes so I have to go raid the grocers in the area for some more. I'm tires of tape, the smell of sharpie, and carboard cuts (because I have all the grace of a newborn giraffe).

Sony and Paladin are due to arrive tonight. Tomorrow night is the last time I can get together with my 2 beautiful ladies. Cait! Manda! I'm going to miss you guys!!!
Mannnn... now I'm going to get all sad.
I've been trying to stay positive. Moving just means new sights, more adventures, different and amazing people and things to discover. I have the Dirty Girl to look forward to. And no household chores for at least a week after the deep cleaning of the apartment is done.

And maybe, just maybe, when I find the rhythem of my new sphere I'll get back to joining in the madness with my fellow Bloggers.
Honestly though I have a bad feeling about this move. I pray that it's a false alarm and this move turns out to be super positive and good for us. *knock on wood*

Side note:
I don't know about the rest of you... but I'm not liking the new Blogger interface.
It feels like Windows 3.5... and the first few versions of the internet in the early 90's... bleh.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Sadish Saturday

Being a military wife is great most the time. Other times it sucks mega.
On the up side I'm halfway done packing, and so far am right on schedule. I will have everything packed up by next Monday! Yay?
The downside? Up till the day we leave Jex is doing CDC's (military homework for gaining/ retaining job proficiency) and going on missions EVERY WEEKEND. What does that mean? It means Ashes has no help and there are a lot of things that I'd like Jex to look over/tetris for me.

Oh... and you know how in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night not too awful long ago? Yeah well I've been working on getting over the majority of my anger before joining in a 'Fraking Friday' post to tell of what else has befallen the little red car. Seeing as how all the moving stuff pretty much has my face in a vice grip I may not be able to for a little bit. So I'm just going to get it off my chest.

This is what I drove up next to on the Sunday before Easter.

I'm pretty sure I put my head on the steering wheel and screamed. I don't know what to do when this stuff happens. So I went up stairs and got a pair of Jex's medical gloves on and wrote a mass text to my more knowledgeable friends and family members. Since it was the passenger side window I leaned in and opened the glove box to see if that was their goal, since the radio hadn't been touched, and flipped out.
Apparently I'm an idiot. I keep my registration, insurance card, and title in the glove box. Why? Because no one told me not to and it seemed like something that a police officer pulling me over might need to see.
When Rinky broke down I took everything out of him and shoved it in a plastic bag to be tossed into some random corner till I could organize and re-situate everything.
I forgot this little detail.
So, with recommendations of 'report it to the police' bouncing around in my head, I flew around my apartment praying that I had enough sense to take the damned title out of the car. Thank God I found it before I reported the 'vandalism'. The officer came out and wrote up a little report for me so that I could get insurance to fix the window. He was nice, but I had the feeling he thought I was wasting his time. I dunno maybe it was just the surge of raw emotion over the fact that Some AssHatt Broke My Fracking Window in the middle of the Stormiest Month in Sandland!


I think the thing that kills me the most is this: [see picture below]

Rinky is parked by a street light and a cop car. It's not like we left him out in the middle of some abandoned corner of the apartment complex parking lot.

Just ARGH!!!

See how upset I still am and I've had a lot of other things come take most of my mind, emotion, and attention away from this issue for a few weeks now. I'm glad I waited otherwise I might have to put a "Mature: for use of strong language and violent imagery" warning on this post. No really... I wish I could have caught the bugger red handed so I could've beat him.


On a happier note.
My brother in law visited us. It was nice to have him around. We got to eat Hot Pepper and cream cheese doughnuts from this place down town called "Glazed". I loved them, Will thought they were the worst invention ever. He did like the Rosemary Honey Buns and the Sweet Potato Cake Doughnuts though.
When Jex gets back I'm going to drag his butt down town with me and make him pick out two or three tasty pastries and see if he makes as many entertaining faces as Will did.
And while he was up here I saw a bill board that the largest letters on it said: "Your Colon". Directly after we were talking about how much "Your Face" has gotten old and overused... so from now on I think I'm going to replace 'face' with 'colon' when making comments like: "Punch today in the Colon." "Your colon looks funny." "Aw man you took that straight in the colon!" (^_^) or maybe not. tee hee.

And next week I'm expecting Sony and her hubby Pali. I can't wait! We're going to have so much fun! We're going to see this movie called Lock Out. It's some silly SciFi movie that I'll probably love the hell out of (it's supposed to have a lot of one liners. I LOVE ONE LINERS! Princess Bride is practically made up of One Liners) but the critics will tear apart. Anything that can make me laugh and or have some nifty explosions and no loose ends isn't a total waste of money.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

24 days left, Wednesday

Jex made me run for 20 minutes today; okay so he made me run 14 1/2 and then jog for 5 1/2 more. My tummy isn't happy but I get the car today so maybe I can get some more boxes.

But all work and no play makes Ashes a freaking Phoenix (like from X-men, the real X-men not that live action mess ((Though Hugh Jackman was super hot as Wolverine))). So I puttered around on the internet a little. Talked to a friend from Highschool; Joey. And am now thinking of designs for his future tattoo! Just now I got a FREE BOOK (that's the equivalent of free crack to me) from the Library just because it's national Poetry Month. Did you know it was National Poetry Month?! Yay!

Not all is happy in internet land though. Looks like another silly lawmaker is trying to mess with what can and can not be said/done on the internet. Look Here.
We weathered the SOPA and PIPA storm and have crashed straight into another looming internet changer. *sigh*

Thought I'd spread the word. Let me know if you find out anything else about the new bill.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taxes are the Devil

^Ignore the fact that the word 'arranged' is spelled wrong.^

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that Taxes are the Devil already.
But I'm slowly learning it, one ring of numbery hell at a time. Last year we had a whole crap storm with the IRS because some dip-shit messed up and the IRS was just CERTAIN we made twice what we actually did that year. A W-2 was not enough proof, jerk wads, we had to get a statement from the department of the airforce. Which basically translates to: if we could show them a flying pig, a dragon, and the Multiverse before the end of their lives they'd concede that we, and our bank account records, were right. So, we shelled out the cash to get them to Go the ((&%&%^$%^#&(@*&(Q%!!!!! away.

This year I've been fighting with online tax applications for literally 2 weeks. Trying to spend less than $100 bucks and get help at the same time (ha! Futile!). Ask.come and Google were more help than the so called 'tax professional' help searches on TurboTax and TaxSlayer made me want to claw my eyes out because it felt like I was reading russian in japanese. I have no clue what a Personal Accepted Assessment Deduction is so how do I even know if I had one.
I mean really there should be a class you can take in college, one that counts as a foreign language, and title Taxish: the only foreign language you'll ever actually use. What with a form 1040b through f skipping g and i moving on to h before you get to an 1199 and then a form 8000C and all that why should it be counted as anything other than another language?

On top of the language barrier I had to fill out the forms 3 times, then get my husband to find some info for me because our W-2 was wrong... again. *facepalm*

Hopefully I didn't screw up too badly. We'll find out next year around this time if I did alright.

Oh, we're moving. Yup. T-minus 25 days till we hollow out our apartment. 24 till Sony and I are off to the Dirty Girl. Don't worry I'll post pictures.