Wednesday, May 22, 2013

30 Days in Wildlife Drawings: Technically day 8

I've been keeping up with drawing one animal a day.
Till yesterday.
And I just haven't posted them here since all the peoples running around with sharp pencils are mostly on the Book of Face.

So here are some more drawings for my lovely readers, both of you. *laughs*

Day 6: Spirit Animal

I've had falcons in my dreams since I was a little girl. I used to have a lot more animals in my dreams, but sadly most of them no longer come around. I'm lucky if I dream of Kq!b' (Kyaba) or Ripley.

So here is my rendition of a Falcon.
I really really hate feathers.

Day 7: Roll a pair of dice (2 D6 for my gamer buddies) and draw a hybrid of the animals you drew for those two days. 

Of course I got Falcon Shark. 
This was the day I spent mulling over designs and didn't actually draw anything. I was really hoping for Owl Tanuki, but of course the freaking Shark has to eat all my happiness.
A big "THANK YOU" to Phaedra and Crystal, without whom Falcon Shark would never have gotten on paper.

Day 8: A Wildlife Creature whose call moves/effects you. 

I freaking love the sound of a chorus of Wolves. Yes, even after watching 'the Grey'. 
I'm actually really really proud of my Wolf. I honestly didn't think I would be able to draw her without her looking like a domesticated mutt. 
I love how it looks like she's singing. 

Sp├Ąter dann. 

The Light Heart Lives Long~

Sunday, May 19, 2013

30 days in Wildlife Drawings: Days 4 & 5

Day 4 was actually really hard for me.
Draw the Weirdest Wildlife Creature you've ever seen.
I happen to think that a lot of the 'weird' creatures are actually quite adorable. For example the duck billed platypus, dumbo squid, and echidna didn't make the cut because they're too freaking cute. It took me a long time to finally decide on what I thought was the weirdest creature.
I decided on the Manatee.

Day 5 is: The animal that represents your favorite country. 

This was a toss up between Germany, Japan, and Russia. Germany was a big NOPE because it was a bird, after drawing the owl I have little desire to draw another feathery creature. Then Japan won because it's one of my favorite little things in the world. 
A Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)

Yay! I'm actually almost keeping up this time! 
If anyone wants to steal this 30 day challenge do it! 
See you tomorrow!

Friday, May 17, 2013

30 Days in Drawings: Day 3

Today is: Your favorite wildlife animal.

My favorite animals are, strangely, birds. Specifically birds of prey; aka raptors. Even more specifically, I love owls. I love them so much.
Ever since I was 9 I've been in love with owls. All of them. But there's a special place in my heart for the barn owl. They are too pretty.

They are also nearly impossible to draw with an open wing span. Maybe it's just me, but it took bloody forever and I don't think his wings look all that great.
In any case here's my Barn Owl.

Till tomorrow my friends!

~The Light Heart Lives Long

30 days in wildlife drawings: day 2

Day 2 was technically yesterday.

After a 6 hour drive and some craziness upon arrival on base I was too tired to post. But I did manage to squeeze in a drawing.

Day 2 is the wildlife creature you're most frightened of.

I didn't use a reference photo, so this drawing is more my style. Which is more fun than realistic.

I'm terrified of sharks. They are the scariest thing in the world! I'm also not a big fan of swimming/large bodies of water where I can't move or fight or anything.

He kept trying to come out as a goldfish. Stupid shark. 

Till next time my lovelies, 
God is good; but don't dance in a small boat. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 days in wildlife drawings: day 1

My super radtastic friend Kai made up a 30 day drawing challenge for us to complete together. Since I've been in the dumps about Gawk's death and everything she'd thought it would help me out.

She's so right.

Day 1 (to which I will post a picture when I get hold of Jex's laptop)

We took a quiz to see what animal we were. This quiz to be exact

Apparently I'm a graceful Giraffe.
Man these animals are derpy looking. Just flipping through pictures of the creatures made me laugh. It was a good day.

You can see Kai's awesome art for day 1 here.

Come join us!
You don't have to draw realistic stuffs. You can draw cartoons or stickies if you feel so inclined.

Till next time my lovelies.
~The Light Heart Lives Long

Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Empty Chair

It's funny how quickly everything that seems important can fall to the way side with a single sentence.

Suddenly it doesn't matter that you're not a size 3. The silverware being mismatched is not longer an issue. It's no big deal that your salary doesn't allow for grand vacations or fantastic shopping sprees. Your car gas mileage doesn't mean anything anymore.

Everything that completely and totally consumes our everyday lives is suddenly trivial in the space of a heart beat.

When someone completely irreplaceable dies.

The ground falls out from underneath you.

Who cares how many calories were in the fucking bagel, or whether or not you can get organic produce?
Who gives a shit about the tear in the curtains or the mud in the carpet?

You hear those three, most dreaded words in the universe and everything stops. It stops moving, it stops mattering. And you fall.
Desperate to keep moving, keep doing, distract yourself enough and maybe the broken record inside your head will be drowned out. Maybe if you move fast enough you'll stop falling, maybe you'll fly. Maybe you'll reach the surface and see that it was all a nightmare.
But it's not. It's horribly, heartlessly, real. And there's not a thing you can do.

Gawk is dead.
She's gone.
I will never see her again.

Death is not something I handle very gracefully. I can't sleep. God I wish I could just sleep.
But if I stop, even pause to take a breath, I'll hear those three words again. And again. And again.

If you pray, say a prayer for her family. Her husband who is in the hospital, sisters one of whom is in the hospital, and parents. Please.

OHMG! Is that the Sun?!

Greetings Friends!

This is Ashes reporting from her less hectic life.
After a storm damaging our roof, killing most the garden, cuts to the military making our paychecks very very small, and buying a new car I finally have something good to post about! Yaaay!

I made a collapsible hula hoop. Oh yes. It's awesome! It's also way too big to hoop with in the house, but that's ok, I also made a smaller one. I went from -1 hula hoops to 2! It's amazing! *laughs*

Yup I'm purposefully sounding manic, for the hell of it.

Life really is doing better though. Our new car is super fancy. I told my friend, because you can TALK to my car, that I really want to make all kinds of Star Trek references when I'm in it. I've already asked it about sky net. It says it doesn't know anything, but I know the truth. *laughs* Still haven't figured out why it won't recognize my phone so I can tell it to call people.
Oh yes. It calls people for me. Well it would if it would recognize my phone! I think the car thinks it's better than my cell. My cell is, after all, not a 'smart' phone. It just has a fold out tactile keyboard. (I totally just tried to spell fold as phold, what the heck brain?)

I'm still trying to learn more hoop tricks, but I fail, and comically hit myself in the face or launch the round piece of irrigation tubing at my husband. Though I think that one might be a little bit of karma.

Oh, and I'm going to be a Zumba instructor. Soon. I'm so excited, and freaked out. One the one hand it'll be a fun job and I'll never have to actually 'work out' in the traditional sense ever again. Score!
On the other hand, I'm not so awesome with strangers.
As you've noticed by my choice of words and references I'm kind of awkward. My kind typically are. Throw computer parts at me and I can help you, throw a room full of strange women, maybe even a token male, and I might be able to help you... maybe... it depends.
Luckily the first class I'll be teaching will be all the really rad elderly people from the church Jex and I hang out at. Who knows, maybe I'll get a kids class after that and work my way up to the frightening mass that is my peer group.
But that's off in the shadowy future.

Till next time my lovlies!
God is good, but don't dance in a small boat.
 PS, I don't know why but I have this urge to post pictures of the wreck.

Notice how our car, the red one, is trashed while the silver one took next to no damage. Figures.
Good news is that my knee is finally healing. I smashed the ever loving crap out of it on the steering column when we collided.

The moral of the story; Honda beats Ford in Life Paper Scissors.