Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ronery, I am so ronery...*sings in a terrible asian accent*

Those of you who are married, do you remember what is was like when you'd been married for a little over a year? Was it a freaking roller coaster ride for you too?

I lived in 3 different states last year, this year has been 2 and it's still only February. Through all of it one of two things has happened: 1) I see my husband for 2 hours a day... if I'm lucky... and IF we see each other we'll say a word to each other before he asks for a back rub and passes out. 2) My husband has nothing to do while he waits for the military to get their ducks in a row last second and we have a week solid to enjoy each others company till we can no longer stand the other person.

Right now I'm back in the 1st phase of the lifestyle cycle that has claimed my entire married life (all 1 year and 4 months of it); and today I'm just plain lonely. Sure I have a stack of Final Fantasy games that are begging to be played and a few books I started reading could stand to be finished. Right now tho' I just want some good old fashioned human interaction.

Maybe I should go to Best Buy next to our hotel and find a random nerd/geek in the video game aisle and chat him up for about an our on the new game Bulletstorm or the path into oblivion the Legend of Zelda series has taken as of late. We might even get into a heated debate over the virtues and vices of the different gaming consoles.

I wish there was a Barnes & Noble close by. Then I could get into an intellectual conversation of the same kind. Mark Twain or Micheal Chriton? What?! Of course they have similarities! At least they're more inventive than R.A. Salvator. Don't bring Robert Jordan into this. Gah! I'm not going to start with Lord of the Rings or how the Chronicles of Narnia has been slaughtered on the silver screen... no. Iambic Pentameter. Ha! I win!

Most likely, though, I'll probably end up getting on FaceBook and pretending to interact with people for an hour or 6.
Perhaps this is why Role Playing Games on the playstation and gameboy were so popular before the spread of the internet. You got to "interact" with the characters in the game and pretend for just a little bit that you were in a social situation.
Oh, human interaction... I miss you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Award?!

On Feb 17th I got an award from Chicken. It took me 6 days to find it. XD!
That's pretty good considering that since my husband took the little japanese toy that meows off of my key chain I've lost my keys every day... and once for nearly three weeks. I think he got tired of me walking around running into everything every time he asked me to go to the store.

Here's my Award!!!Isn't it beautiful?! It's my first one too! I love it and the words that went with it were the cake. Yes, the award was just the icing, or cherry for those of you were aren't fans of buttercream. mmmmmmm.

Now I'll have to pass it on to some one else.

I think I'm going to have to give it to my lovely Norie. Her blog has encouraged me to deal with my third culture/ reverse culture shock head on instead of simply longing to go back overseas.
Norie, gambatte! You're soul is so bright, your heart is so kind, and your head is so wise you can make it through everything. I'm sure of it.

Okay something you don't know about me?
Hmmm... I only buy shoes I can run in or have the potential to be used as a weapon. I can run in all three pairs of heels I own.
What else? I watch Dr. Who every chance I get.
Brittish comedy makes more sense to me than other forms of comedy.
I can still remember the theme songs to Captain Planet, Gummy Bears, Digimon, Sailor Moon, My little Pony Tails, and Darkwing Duck and sing them on a regular basis.
Most of my personality is linked to the Cartoon Mighty Max. No really... it's scary.
I was a Virgin till 2 months before my 22nd birthday. And I still do my best thinking After the Fact. (^_^)Y

Again, thanks so much Chiken. You totally made my week!

Oh and here's the link to the whopping 2 pictures from the fashion show. I have one more that my husband took that I haven't wrestled with his camera to extract. But I will.

To Eve with not so much love.

Dear Eve,
I have something to tell you. Although I'm sure you've heard it before. Honestly I really meant to be the one woman to give you a break but today and this last week have broken that resolve.
WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Was the fruit that shiny?! What kind of a woman listens to a snake with legs over God?!
Yeah sure, the legs were normal in your time, and your cautionary tale is probably why women will never listen to a snake no matter how silver his tongue. If you were still alive we'd have words, lots and lots of words, most of them R material.
With some pity,
Your very peeved descendant.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guess my Faith, get a Cookie

Why do I get asked if I'm wiccan? Is it the long flowy skirt? the floofy wash and wear hair? my general interest in using God's creation of nature as it was intended to be used? Maybe I should get a t-shirt that says "Christ follower incognito." ((because 'follower of the Way' or 'Child of Light' probably wouldn't dawn on people. haha, pun!))
I'll let you know if anyone's mind changes when I finally get down to making my steam punk dress. (something like this with belts and buckles... and Goggles!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because I Can

I don't like being in the spotlight.
My blog only has like 8 followers and I know most all of you very closely.
I'm not funny or interesting enough to get a large following and that's ok with me. Average has it's virtues. Besides I'm afraid that if I was I'd have to wade through comments and delete a lot of stupid people notes.

But! I'm all for improving myself and one thing I have a problem with is being in the spotlight. I don't know what happened. I went from a 3 year old who could tell anyone anything, do a little dance, and love pictures, to a 13 year old who was so terrified of other people that she couldn't even ask a question of the sweet looking teenage girl cashier at Taco Bell (I wasn't familiar with what a Quesadilla was), to a moderately confident young woman who is great with groups of 10 or less and of those 10 she has to know at least 3 otherwise she'll try and plaster her self to the wall. So when I heard about the Spring Fashion show at the BX I thought: Hey, that's one step I can take to overcoming my weird hang ups.

So today at 5:30 I get to do a rehearsal run (in heels!) and then on Saturday it's the show. I don't expect more than about 15 or 20 people to be in the audience, but who knows. And since my beautiful friend has demanded photos I'll go ahead and link my possibly horrifying experience forever captured here for all to gawk and giggle over.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yes, you heard it here second; Jex and I are in Mississippi. The base is ok, library sucks (which is pretty much where I live so you can imagine my disappointment), everything else isn't too bad tho'. Being here for 2 months won't feel like pulling teeth at the very least.

On the upside I found a great volunteering website so I can do something while Jesse is off being all smart and stuff. I applied online to an animal shelter in the area, at some point I think I'll drive down and talk to the people in person. I don't mind helping to take care of little fluffies. And maybe then I'll have something more interesting to talk about than the bushes shaped like dolphins that we saw on our way into town. Really, it kind of freaked me out.

Last night tho' we had an interesting dining experience. We ate at a place called "the Mellow Mushroom" it was pretty pricey, but really really good. The pizza we ordered (with my fantastic Sam Addams from the tap) was called the "Pilosopher's Pie" and had steak and artichoke hearts and portebello mushrooms and klamatta olives, with feta and mozzarella. It Was So Good. Easily one of the best pizza's I've ever eaten. We even had enough leftovers for some lunch today.
The whole establishment is very 'groovy' and 'mushroomy' with a lot of old hippie classics playing over the speakers.
Best part for me tho' was reading the back of the napkin. I giggled. Who knew there was such a thing as Soy Ink? And how is that better than regular ink? Hmmmm, things to ponder.