Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Holiday Chronicles: Prologue

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a road trip of epic proportions. 6 hours from Sandland to Podunk Georgia to get the dog, then to Flatlands Texas, Thanksgiving and COYBOY CHURCH! I'll have to tell you all about cowboy church. I loveth it so much! Then back to Podunk to drop off the dog, back to Sandland for Jex's stupid job, and then to Cali with Cait and her two babies in tow. Did I mention that her baby boy is teething? After that we have to come back and on the way we'll visit some people we love and miss. Back home, back to Sandland, back home and on the day after we get home to stay for a few days before the Christmas gauntlet with Jex's family (hooray for multi-divorced families) he has written 'curl up and die'.
*deep breath* I think I might agree when all is said and done.
As a wonderful cherry on the top of this chaotic sundae my throat is still bothering me and I literally have almost zero time to go to the doctor. Maybe I'll luck out and have enough time to get to a free clinic in Sandland while Jex is gone working his face off.
I might be able to update, or I'll just have a really long post about the end of NaNoWrimo and the entirety of our Cross Country Chronicle.

Oh and I've gotten pretty far with my quilt. If I have a moment to breathe tomorrow I'll post a couple of super cute pictures. (^_^)

Wish us luck. We're going to need it.

~The light heart lives long.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Smiling Saturday

Well I'm starting to feel more like a human being again. I do have a word of warning though: apple cider vinegar will shoot you in the face if you gargle with a strep throat. No kidding. I had 800mg of Ibuprofen running laps in my veins and I still had to peel my face off the ceiling after that first gargle. However adding it to apple or orange juice and drinking it did help a good deal.
Honestly though I gave up on it after the first 12 hours and started taking Amoxicillin. I'm sure I can rebuild the healthy flora in my body after the worst has passed. It was the pain. I have a decent pain tolerance, I'm no wuss. I've taken softballs to the throat and kept playing and dug rocks and wood out of my own body. However, gargling with apple cider vinegar was too much for me. I stuck with it, gargling every hour, for about 6 hours before I started drinking it instead.
I'm still drinking the teas and only taking half doses of Amoxicillin (oh the doctors out there on the interwebs are doing to barbeque me for that one) and I feel 100% better after a single day.
My throat still looks like something from a horror movie though.

I like to share happy on Saturdays when I can. Because after friday when every one lets it fly (I was too busy balled up in a corner crying to fire off with everyone *sadface*) we feel light and optimistic almost. I like to feed that feeling so that it might be able to last into the week.

Today I'm going to share some viral images that made me giggle.

This cat's face gets me every time!

This might be a little too nerdy... but I couldn't stop laughing at the irony. 

Yes I've joined Imgur... your point?

And finally one full of adorableness. 

I wish you all a great start to a brand new week! 
~The light heart lives long <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Spy a Strep Throat

Well, I might not have a camera, but I just looked through some of my older pictures for this weeks prompt and found a few I think will do nicely.

This weeks Promt is Poles.
Since I'm using Jex's wondermus (absolutely retarded) Mac I won't be able to use the link system or comment on anyone else's awesometastic photos this week. (I hate you Mac)

Here is Sony looking at some bazaar clear piping, next to a flag pole!

Jex made these counters from a simple wooden pole to help us keep track of status effects on our tabletop characters.

This is me being eaten by a skeletal T-Rex head on a pole

My Choice
 This is our first family photo, puppy and all, a really nice old couple took this for us in SandLand.
We'll have to take a new one soon since we've added a cat to the mix.

Oh yes, I have strep. For the second time ever. Apparently once you get it the damned thing comes back annually for a while. I'm going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar route for a couple of days before going to Antibiotics.
Why? Because I'm not a raving hippy... I'm only a hemp wearing tree hugger on the weekends. lol
Nah, I'm all about being natural as much as one can be in our era of bio and chemical manufacturing. If I could I'd manage a homestead with a few good friends. However, I'm also acutely aware that our advances have garnered some really great things. Like freaking cough drops, penicillin, birth control and the like. I just think that we forget that rosemary is great for more than just chicken, there's such a thing as good bacteria, and not everything good come from a bottle or a can.

Alright, so to document my attempt at homeopathic remedies. Today I'm going to gargle with apple cider vinegar cut 1/3 with warm water. I'm also putting a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in with my Traditional Medicinal's Throat Coat tea with raw local honey (I bought the honey to help speed up the adjustment phase of my immune system to the new area. Honest to God it works, cuts my damned first year allergies in half.)
Wish me luck!
The light heart lives long~

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Supernatural and a bad idea

For NaNoWriMo I decided to go for an old idea I never completely fleshed out.
It's a horror/supernatural story that I'm pretty sure a lot of people of varying faiths will want to hang me for writing. The undertone isn't as under as far as 'tones' go. It's pretty much calling out human beings for being blinded by whatever. Various characters will be frustratingly stuck in their own views. Why? Because that's how it is in real life and to my eyes it looks like it's only getting worse.
You probably don't have to think very hard or very far back to remember some one who couldn't come out of themselves enough to treat you like fellow sentient creature. I don't care how much some one personally offends me, scowling at them isn't going to help anything. They won't see from my point of view that way, I can't see well at all squinting that hard so it'd be impossible to try their point of view in that state.

Along with this, just as near and dear to my heart, is the fact that I believe in the Supernatural. There is a veil, a parallel dimension, a life after death, whatever it is and however it works it's there and it screws with humanity. Not everyone is on the same spiritual dial and this leads to more of the sentiment in the paragraph above this one.
But what if everyone could see it? What if the more malicious beings tore through the separation between spiritual and physical to wreak unholy havoc?

That is the premise of my story this year. A few of the characters are VERY much clones of people who had some great conversations with me about the spiritual, whether for or against. Paladin and Sony are key players because Paladin's vibrant passion impressed on me enough for him to have the nick name Paladin on my blog.
I hope it doesn't come across wrong, and I hope it can be enjoyed as a slightly freaky story about seeing beyond the self. Not that anyone will be reading it any time soon. (^_^)

Oh, the bad idea! What was it?
... I joined Imgur... *shifty eyes*

The light heart lives long~

Friday, November 2, 2012


And there are no pumpkins within 100 miles of me. Apparently after All Hallows Eve pumpkins turn into princesses and waltz out of the grocery stores. Now I can't make the best pumpkin pie ever that Cait showed me. *poutyface*

Anybleedingfingers, it's November which means hairy man chins and writing like a maniac. This year I'm going to be doing two stories... oh yeah... not really. Jex wants me to chronicle our Dungeons and Dragons game because it's getting really crazy. Honestly it's really amazing the story we've been able to weave between the three of us. This is on top of the rewrite of an idea I had about 5 years ago when Paladin was ranting about some interesting spiritualitic ideas as usual.
I'm forced to call it by a different name because "This Present Darkness" has been taken for some time. Good book by the way if you're into supernatural type stories. So I decided to call it "Principalities: Kingdom of the Air" because who knows, maybe I'll finish the novel this year and decide to write another story of the same universe next year. Either way I thought it sounded cool. It might be a little misleading though; I can see someone expecting some kind of elemental magic type book and being really disappointed that it's a spiritual horror/adventure type story.

I'm really excited about hooping too! I can now hoola hoop around my knees and one leg. Still having issues with the shoulder hooping though. Apparently my arms are nowhere near as coordinated as the rest of me.

In this most blessed season I wish you all the best.
~The light heart lives long.