Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Of Aligators and Blue Days

Of Aligators...

I don't know if it's because I grew up in mountainous regions of the world, maybe because I never visited a swamp or wetland, or maybe it's because I'm not a water person, whatever it may be when I saw an Aligator on the bank of the pond that is, litterally, a stones throw from my apartment I froze. I stared. I contemplated throwing something at it to make it move. Then I had thoughts of it running across the grass and gobbling up Kaba and promply picked up said puppy and retreated.
Later, with camera in hand, I came back out to make sure it wasn't a hallucination induced by the massive ammount of reading I've been doing in lieu of having a job. Nope, it was still there, with one of the gracefull white birds standing in lunch range of the toothy monster. I'm usually not this cowardly, but I have a little more than the usual healthy respect for things that can swim faster than I can run. And don't forget the teeth. TEETH!
I now have a few pictures, they're not very good because got forbid I get closer than 12 meters to the Aligator. Maybe I'll get a better camera, with a better zoom, because otherwise the five crappy shots I took are going to be the best ones I get.

And Blue Days...

Ever just had a blue day? You know, that day you wake up and nothing is out of the ordinary, but a cloud just kinda tints everything in a slightly less than happy light? Yeah.
I've been reading a book series called "Dragon Lance" yes... it is a Dungeons and Dragons type nerd book... no... I'm still sane, I think. I finished the core trilogy today and instead of being all happy and stuff I was just sad. Sad that the books were finished, sad that there's no place for me to learn swordsmanship and not be deemed a raving nerd, sad that there's no adventure in this day and age. Everything costs money, lots of it, oh well.
At least blue is my favorite color! (^_^)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New things come in packs

New house? Check
New books? Heck Yes! Wheel of Time baby!
New schedule? Check
New puppy? .... what?

Yes we have a new puppy. Many of you don't know that our baby girl (a doggie) B'rux died last summer. Well now we have a little fussy princess of a rescue puppy, Kaba. Her name means Hippo in Japanese, because when we first got her she gorged on everything as if it was the last food or water she would ever see. But if you saw the place we picked her up from it makes sense.
(If I can ever get my computer to the interwebs then I'll post a picture of her.)
New things come in groups. So do bad things, it's only the good that seems to be a garnish.

I'm still looking for a job. Turns out that not having a job for more than a few months at a time is frowned upon, by everyone. I promise I'm not lazy! I just don't have interwebs yet! And I can't get it till I get a job! Cost of living has gotten stupid since gas prices got stupid. STUPID!

New Adventure? Every day. (^_^)
Have a great week everybody!

Monday, August 8, 2011

PCS season is here again!

PCS= permanent change of station. It's a military term that, like with most military terms, is slightly stupid because 'permanent' usually means between 8 months to 4 years. It's a grand adventure to be sure, full of trouble, danger, monsters, and daring escapes.

It was a normal day in Sandy Land, hotter than God and brighter than any day has a reason to be. Jex sat at his desk doing his normal jobish things, secret and not so secret, when lo and behold the orders he had been waiting 2 years for get thrown on his lap. Sure they were half done and taped together in weird places, and were those teeth marks on the corner? It mattered not for the orders dictated that he find an apartment in a weeks time so that he could move to Sandy Land in two weeks.
Oh dear. Jex called upon his wife to run the red chariot around Sandy Land to find them a home worth living in. A place that was price worthy (prieswert, a german term since the english equivalent is evading me... ha ha alliteration), would allow a loyal furry companion, and within bicycle distance of the Great Fortress.
Wiffer Wife prevailed and found them a lovely place on the third floor. Open and perfect in size for all their Shtuff.

The couple then travelled to Jex's ancestral home of Podunk in the Georgia Mountains to procure all the Shtuff that William had been keeping in trust especially for this day. Finding a great chariot at a good price the family proceeded to load their Stuff for departure.

However, no one knew of the nest that hummed just below William's front gate. The great chariot was nearly full when Flying Beasts began to attack the family. Assbreaker Tony killed many with his mighty Cosmo, but too late. One of the black creatures assailed Jex and stung him under the eye! Jex killed the beast and asked for his wife's aid before the eye that was attacked swelled shut. It didn't help that one of the beasts had gotten Wiffer Wife's hand earlier that week and it was swollen like a balloon.
Will and Dizzy went for reinforcements. Nothing more could be done till the nest of Flying Beasts was destroyed (damn wasps). Lo, while they were gathering cavalry a great gust blew a mighty storm onto Will's little home and stranded him and Dizzy in the torrent. Jex despaired that the great chariot would ever be filled.
But they prevailed! With the chariot full Jex attached rinky the dinky red chariot to the back and began the long journey to Sandy Land. The fell storm found them on the way and made the roads slick. Other chariots travelling the same path crashed into one another, and the PoPo was out en masse for what the couple did not know.
Finally, at their destination Jex made to get the rinky red chariot off the great chariot so they could unload. But Rinky was Dead! Oh no, not Rinky! (stupid cheap battery)
Luckily a Security Forces enlistee was there to help at Wiffer Wife's pitiful plee for help.
Jex and Ashes, aka Wiffer Wife, hauled 6,000lbs of Shtuff to the 3rd floor. Jex carried a couch up the stairs by himself (and he looked soooo hot doing it!). Luckily the man who lived across the way was kind enough to help them get the last couch in the home.

All was well with Jex and Ashes, they had their place, away from the ancestral stomping grounds were the in-laws lived. Then more orders dropped in Jex's lap, these were covered in red tape and stupid sauce. He was to ship out for the Forbidden North, to train for more secret and not so secret stuff the Fortress needed from him. He was to leave his wife and be gone for nearly 4 moons! Ashes was not happy, but it had to be done. After living in Sandy Land for only 6 days Jex was taken to the Forbidden North and Ashes was left in the flaming hot Sandy Land, knowing no one and no thing familiar.
..... to be continued....

So yes, that is where we are right now. I am keeping busy though. Mountains of boxes don't unpack themselves. Maybe I can get pictures up when they're all gone!
Also I'm looking for a job to offset the massive amount of money I have to spend come September. Yay bride's maid dress! Hooray Within Temptation concert! AHHHH! I'm so excited!!!! *ahem*
I'll catch up with everyone and everything when life finds a rhythm. Till then: love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe!
(God I love Spell Check!)