Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm in Thailand!

I'm having problems with WordPress.
You see that title up there. Yeah. I'm wondering if that's why I can't get any of my pictures on the internet through the site.
Thought I would try here and let you guys know what's up.
Jex and I are in Thailand for a schooling/humanitarian mission trip. We'll be here for the rest of the year. Plenty of time to try and not completely slaughter a tonal language. (^_^)
We spent 21 hours flying over here on the 1st and 2nd. Yesterday was our first full day and today we're starting to feel a little more like human beings again.
Here we are minutes before getting on a double decker plane.

I'm not kidding guys. We had a staircase and a store in the back, which I didn't get good pictures of. But here's the plane. See, two rows of windows!

Some of my first impressions of Thailand are pretty standard I think:
Holy Crap there are a LOT of scooters!
I can read nothing.
These food portions are tiny.
Not spicy is still spicier than most the things I eat on a regular basis.

It kind of reminds me of Italy in a weird way. There are really nice suburbs right next to farms and little lean to shacks. Everything is cobbled together with really nice right up against really shabby.

We went to Walking Street in Chiang Mai last night. I didn't take a lot of pictures, we were both kind of jet lagged and out of it. But I did manage to get some neat footage of our "taxi" ride. I didn't get any of the more exciting parts, like slipping in between a pair of trucks and going through a red light around a turning vehicle and into on coming traffic. But I think you guys might like to see the neat little vehicle that took us home.

Today I'll get some better pictures hopefully.
Till next time my lovlies,
~The light heart lives long.