Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 8: Who's your daddy?!

So Day 8 tells me to: Post a picture of some one or something that has had a great impact on you.

No pressure. It's not like when something asks you for a best friend in a public forum or anything.
There are so many ways I could answer this that would make so many people angry.
Yay me!

Hmmmm.... Well I'm actually stupidly impressionable so I'm going to pull a Marianna Annadanna and post a bunch of stuff.

Starting with My Mom and Dad. Because you can't be raised by some one without them impacting you massively. For better or worse I am a amalgam of these two people's quirks, strengths and weaknesses, along with some of my own I invented along the way.

My College Buddies Norie Minegishi and Laura Louda. Oh my gosh I miss you guys almost every single day!

The Chika's I spent the week with in San Antonio. From left to right Brianna Swaim (who I've known since middle school, actually I credit her for my survival in middle school) Pingping, Me, XingYi, and Kamry Murell. Best people to ever spend a weekend alone in a stranger's house with! Gah! I love you guys!

I just love this picture. Brianna and Norie with Thea (Brianna's roommate) and me.

Jesus, Yeshua, Christ... whatever you want to call him. God's son and I'm stickin' to it.

Notice that these aren't in order. I haven't gotten to the stage of life where I'm super organized from the get go.
So, when I was a little kid these were the things that molded my personality and interests the most.

Sailor Moon! No joke I can totally still sing the theme song. I have a few Sailor Moon DVD's that I watch when I get depressed, anyways so my dad sat down one day and watched a little bit with me and in the middle of the episode turns to me and says: "They act like you! No really, all these characters act like you! Especially that Ray girl."
Thanks dad... (-_-)

Dragon Ball Z, I seriously watched this show when I was 7. And boy did I idolize Picccolo (he's the green guy) and future Trunks (the dude with the sword). I have very vivid memories of watching the Freeza saga with my sister and having my first gender crisis. We couldn't for the life of us tell who was a girl and who was a guy till they spoke and even then it was kinda shady.

Here it is. The computer program that made me a nerd for the rest of my life. Thanks to this little baby I decided that I was going to learn every language in the world when I was 7. Yes, the entire world. It also instilled in me a love for culture, especially asian culture for some weird reason. And actually it was Ecarta 94 or 95 but I couldn't find a picture of it online. This one's close enough.


  1. You are so lucky to have had so many good people influencing your life. And no need to put them in some kind of order. They are all important.

  2. Sailor Moon! ha! "Pull a Marianna Annadanna" - I love that. I feel famous or something.

    Link these up on my linky thing! I'll just keep using the same linky on each post I write (whenever I get back to it) so all you links will carry over. xo

  3. i will look for pix that i think you might like on fb and I also will tag you on it.-- Norie