Sunday, September 18, 2011

I did not just do that...

Alright, so I really just want to rant about something going on in my immediate family. But I won't because today I get to rant about something else.

Day 4: A Habit You Wish You Didn't Have.

I wish I didn't have the habit of neurosis. I freak out over every little speed bump that happens in my life. It doesn't matter if YOU can see the sudden pandemonium that shoots through me like a shot of adrenaline, I'm very aware of every screaming siren of "OH MY GOD YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!!!" wailing just behind my eyes.

This is a habit right? Not just some mental disorder?
Well if this is just a mental disorder and I need to seek help I guess my most hated habit would be PROCRASTINATION.
I'll do it after whatever it is I'm pretending to do, in some random number of minutes, tomorrow, next week... ect.
Then the day before whatever the heck I put off is supposed to be done I run around like a chicken with my right wing, left leg, and one eye ball missing trying to fix it! Or come up with clever excuses that include Brownies (the magical creatures not the tasty chocolaty goodness), unplanned naps, and other events becoming much more time consuming than is completely true.
Whatever the case I might actually be the person I want so desperately to be if I could actually DO STUFF instead of reading that fanfiction for several hours. *guilty grin*

PS: I told Dazee that I'd upload me singing her song in my next post. This has sadly become a lie, since 'honest to God' my camera was dead. Then when I found batteries that actually worked I lost the lyrics, tried to sing it anyways, remembered most of it but forgot the end, and then felt like a total tard when I realized the dog was very concerned for me. So, amendment, I will post a video of me singing Dazee's awesome song, much to my chagrin and other's amusement, when I remember to. (note: No Brownies, elves, gnomes, or faeries= not an excuse)

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  1. uh huh. lost the camera. I've heard them fishes fart before. :)

    don't worry your pretty little head.