Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 3: Picture? Crap!

Okay so I'm on borrowed... everything. So I'm going to see if Google can bring up a picture for me. Since today is:

Day 3: A Picture of something you can't live without.

If I have to type the above again I'm going to just scrap this post and move onto the next one. Because I'm really primed for ranting about people and stupid and what happens when they can't seem to let go of one another.

*Ahem* So Maybe Google can help me find a picture.

Blood. Can't live without the stuff.

Maybe they didn't mean for me to take it so literally. I was going to find a picture of bacteria but decided that was a little strange. hehehe.

Besides, it goes with my mood today. Oh these days that make the other days seem so much nicer in comparison; how a loathe yet understand the need for your existence.

Well... until the next time I have internet,

When life gives you Lemons, make grape juice.

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  1. Blood. Fair point. Sorry your day is so bloody.

    Hubby's motto is basically: "When life gives you lemons, CHASE THEM!" If you want a little smile, you could read about it here: