Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ready, set.... Stalk!.... Day 22

I feel like I'm running a race I thought would be a sprint and I keep having to jump over things and instead of clearing them I knock them (and myself) down. Every other day is something else. Maybe not anything as world shattering as when Rinky gave up on life. Enough though that I've decided that I'm taking a vacation.
For a day I'm going back to Towada (at least in my mind). Where there is 2 feet of snow still. The lake is gorgeous and the hot-springs are the perfect temperature. I'm going to eat Yakisoba and Tonjiru (Miso soup but trade in the sea weed and tofu for pork and root vegetables) and hot anko (sweet bean stuff that is kind of like thick hot cocoa). Yup, totally going to Japan in my head tomorrow, yukata and all.

The most recent thing (as seen on facebook) that isn't actually a woe is being stalked in one of SandLands mall. I don't know how many PacSuns had the blue dot sale last weekend but it was basically buy 3 get 70% off of each item. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. And since all my belts and jeans have recently decided to follow Rinky the dinky red car into the after life (really there are few things more depressing than pulling a pair of jeans over your legs and having them rip out at the seam) I needed some replacements.
I did my every other morning jog and met J-Iron and Van-hotness-a to see what we could find. They had arrived an hour before me and had pretty much gotten what they wanted. I didn't find much so we walked around the mall for a few minutes but found nothing worth spending money on. Since I was the only one really looking for anything I told them that I'd catch them later. I was going to try a couple more stores and see if I could find any jeans that would fit over my thick ass thighs that I didn't have to belt down to the rest of me (basically I was looking for the impossible).
Not 30 seconds after J-iron and Van-hotness-a left this creepy dude locks onto me. I don't mean to sound nit picky but I am not that hot, nor do I have the usual 'style', so I have no idea why the hell this guy decided to creep out on me. Must've been my camouflage skirt and grey t-shirt, that totally screams 'trailer park!'.
So this guy who looks kinda like a drug addict looks as if he's going to intercept me as I'm walking. So I put on my 'I can and will beat you to a pulp' face and tighten up my body language. It's Ashes' version of the evil owl [ <--- if you click on the link it's at 1minute 9seconds of the video].
This, though enough to deter him from actually impeding my progress, didn't put him off completely. Oh no, like the shining example of everything creep that he was he walks so close to me one could've barely slid a sheet of paper between our shoulders and whispers in this low rasping creep whisper "I need your number".
Ugh! UGH!!!!
Still I can't figure out how I kept walking as if nothing had happened. After a few seconds though I felt eyes on my back and glanced over my shoulder to see him walking about 10 feet behind me. He meets my eyes and waves with a smile that says "Yeah you so want this" while I raise an eye brow that begs the question "Are you a complete idiot?". I chose at that point to pretend he didn't exist. Ducking into the nearest store I went about my (futile) jean hunt. Every now and again I'd catch him outside whatever store I was meandering about looking in from the side of some random kiosk. And every time my heart rate shot up and my fight reflex (because it has to either that bad or that weak for me to actually run)demanded I pound him into the floor I had to remind myself that he didn't actually exist so it didn't matter. Ha! I'm pretty sure he only followed me around for 5 minutes or less, it seemed like forever though.

I also just remembered that I was still in the middle of the 30 day challenge. THUS, I will try and finish. Maybe then I'll have something more interesting to write about than the pitiful stuff.

Day 22 is Share a Picture from your Day.
Hmmmmm... Seems the cord to my phone got left at home. Maybe I can steal one from her mom's facebook.

This is the cutie I've been keeping busy while her mama fights off a nasty flu. As you can tell she's quite the little person. If I ever have girls I want them to be as awesome as she is.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cruel World

I turn my back on you world. You suck.
My life doesn't feel like I got hit by the karma bus. But it's not been very fun.
I'm done. If anyone needs me I'll be hiding in the closet watching Psyche and Babylon 5.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's over 9,000!!!!

Bah! I'm sure the people who usually read my blog won't understand it but the title of this blog always makes me smile. And I need to smile right now.

The Dog, Kq!b' (read: Kiyaba) kept me up all night again. So what's a girl to do? I called the emergency vet in our area and cried. Ok so I didn't really cry but I'm pretty sure I have the most annoying tone of voice EVAR!
She breathed hard all night, like she had just run a marathon or was still in the process of running a marathon, and then when I got up to get her some more water she followed me and I noticed she was limping. What the hell? You were fine yesterday dog!
What's a girl to do at 0612 in the morning? Call the vet.
The lady on the phone was very nice considering she'd probably been up all night too and was most likely covered in poo and god knows what else. When I asked if I should be worried enough to take Kq!b' in to the doggie ER she said: "No, just watch her over the weekend and if she keeps it up go into my usual Vet on Mon. If she get's worse then bring her in." She was a pro. Her tone of voice was practiced at calming down crazy pet owners afraid their 'baby' was going to dye of a bug bite. Even for some one as cold hearted (no really I was dubbed 'Ice Queen' in high school because I was too pragmatic about others, pain, death, and disease) as me who was just frustrated at losing sleep was lulled into a sense of peace.
ER Telephone Vet was right. Kq!b' got better as the day progressed. Even to the point I felt ok to bring her to the dog park. Then the vet who had set up shop at the dog park for a public service thingie told me that her fever and her breathing could be a reaction to 'growing pains'. Never occurred to me that puppies could have growing pains too. Huh.

But this is not the half of the day. OH no Sireee Bob. Yes I'm talking to you Bob. (haha, there is no Bob.)
No, she pooped in my friend's car on the way to the dog park. Thank GOD for leather interiors. And she got me all kinds of muddy. But maybe, just maybe, she'll sleep tonight. IF not I feel no reservations about sticking her fluffy butt in the bathroom overnight.

Tomorrow will be better. Monday will rock. Because I decree it thus. I will get so much done on Monday that Tuesday will be declared a public holiday for the Bell house hold. In which I will drive downtown and buy one of those weird bacon maple doughnuts. Because I'm pretty sure my tummy is tired of fruits and veggies. (^_^)


Ah and for those of you who wish to know about the over 9,000 thing. It's from a cartoon called "Dragon Ball: Z" and there are these aliens called saiyans and they have these face computers that tell a person's power level. A 'normal' human is usually around 2-100 or so. Martial artists are higher (I think). And crazy weird alien warriors are in the lower thousands give or takes.

Here's the famous clip. And of course like EVERYTHING on YouTube there are countless remixes and songs. Even some really fun demotivational posters.

Hooray for slightly awkward voice over acting. *hahaha*

Friday, January 20, 2012

Frellin' Friday!!!!! *madface*

It's only 2:22 and already I'm revved up and ready to punch Friday in the face.
But "Frack You Friday" is more about a collage of all the frustrations of the week.
So I'm going to borrow Dazee's listing method and try to get some of the frustrations that are kinking my neck out.

Frack you Rinky! You couldn't have waited literally 10 more minutes before you dropped your valve seat into the engine?!

Frack You College Application Process!!!! Frack you to HELL! Why on earth do you have to be so particular about where you get the documents from? Do you know how much money goes into administration fees to get those stupid 10 cent papers to you? Oh wait, I forgot, it's a scam because the board of education takes all your money. But still! Over $100 bucks in fees later just for you to tell me whether or not Jex can go to school there and you're still not satisfied... you want me to fill out a FAFSA.

Which brings me to the crescendo.

F*(&^*%&$*&^)*_)#@#%# You FAFSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough rings in hell for me to cast you far enough down to feel satisfied. Since when is it a requirement to disclose EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, to a college. It's not the college's business how much we have in savings and what we're planning to purchase with it. Now if we were applying for financial aide then sure I get that. But we're not, we haven't even gotten to that yet. They want to know things that I don't even know about myself and I'm pretty sure I'm the authority. Last time I checked anyways.

Frack You OldMan Gamer! I'm married. Not only that but I could be your daughter. And you smell. You've started creeping me out, leave me alone. Sure you used to be cool. But this whole not contacting me hardly at all while Jex is around and then blowing up my phone the day after he leaves for TDY is NOT COOL. If you keep up the way you are and don't get the massive sign I painted for you I may just have to disown the game along with you.

Frack You Kq!b' (And Frack Jex for spelling your name so weird!!!!). If you and your little puppy face keeps me awake all night one more time I will have a new fur coat and a really nice dinner.

Frack You Fort Bragg! Not only did you take away my hubby, but you're too damned big to be a military base. You have a HIGHWAY!!! You're ridiculous with your one way streets and having a poorly constructed Air Force Base at your heart.

Frack You Belly Fat! Do you not notice the change in diet and all the stupid exercises? I know you've noticed some of the exercises, you screamed loud enough yesterday for the neighbors to hear you. So go away already! I'm going to continue to do my 'healthy' thing until you give up and then some!

Finally a big heart felt Frack You to the SandLand Base Library for being closed all day Friday instead of choosing a Tuesday or another random day that most people don't go to town and run their errands.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Exhale

I'm so glad that most bad days are followed by good things.
Last night and yesterday sucked major and blowed harder. But today was smooth, like really good Whisky. Not my favorite stuff in the world but it does the trick.
The interview with the PI was weird and short.
I think I may be turning Psychic because he looked exactly how I imagined he would. A little portly and mostly bald with glasses and a well tailored suit. The only difference was that his striped tie in my mind was purple instead of blue. *twilight music croons in the back ground*
I've nearly taken care of everything I need to in order to have another vehicle. Albeit a crappier vehicle (16 hwy, 12 city *facepalm*) but it will get me where I need to go when I need to get there so I'm not complaining. And it has a 5 disk CD changer in the console!!! Wooo!
The towing company was nice. Even though when I called the guy answered "Affordable" and grunted more than spoke, all the other people were nice. My car didn't get broken into as it sat over night at a gas station uncomfortably near the seedier side of SandLand.
I'm almost at peace.
Just a few more deep breaths and I should get there soon.

I did, however, have a really bright spot on my day: I got to watch "As You Like It" in a new and exciting way. It was set in Japan. Oh yes. I loved it. But then again I love that play to begin with. It's really great for giggles once you can easily understand the old English vernacular.
"I do hope we become better strangers." - Orlando
*Happy Face*

May the trouble train not stop in on you all any time soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wu sah

Getting sick again, didn't do half of what I wanted to get done today, and to add the grody green cherry to a craptastic day my car decided to "throw a rod". Hooray for me. I have a car with a useless engine. What luck.
I need that car! It's the only one we have! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
Did I mention aaaaahhhhh?
*big sigh*

I'm going to have to reschedule the meeting with the private investigator tomorrow. I'm being interviewed for a friend's security clearance. Staying with a friend till I can get another ride and or get the car towed to my apartment. I want to rant. To cry. To sleep. To talk in short and almost elementary sentences. My only saving grace is that my father in law has a car he can loan me. If he's ok driving 6 hours.

Why do these things happen when everything is closed and everyone else is asleep?

On the upside Dazee gave me cool award. I'll share the love as soon as I'm not on a borrowed iPad. It makes me super happy to get an award, especially from some one so cool.


Monday, January 9, 2012


Yes that about sums it up.

The lovely USAF took Jex away, again. Head cold, boxes to pack and send, college applications, moving soon and can't get a house till we know which college Jex's attending, and I'm the Maid of Honour in my sister's brittish wedding.
Did you know that Maid's of Honour have duties?! DUTIES!!! Holy Crap! I don't even know where to start.
The more I see/know about weddings the more I'm so glad I didn't have one. Yes I will forever feel a little sad that I don't have the fun pictures that commemorate the event but I still have my sanity and I'm not in debt so I think that's a fair trade.

I googled it and found some really pink websites. No really, Barbie herself would be jealous of the gratuitous amount of pink on the web page.
I feel like I'm in the Estrogen Ocean in a canoe. My sister is like 'over nine thousand!' miles away (not really but I had to sneak in a DBZ reference that none of you will probably get) in England and I have this list of Duties to attend to. Most of them have to do with being right there with her and/or having knowledge of the area in which the wedding is being held. I have neither, and I really want to to a good job. I will however rock when it comes to planning the bridal shower. Because my sister has picked a Mad Hatter style tea party theme and Jex has so many great and random ideas for games. Maybe.

And I feel really bad for falling behind with ISpy and reading everyone's blogs. I still love you guys! Really I do.

Till I blog again stare at batman and giggle.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

Now I feel like a big fat hog.
*laughs* However, the extra 15lbs was worth the delicious food. Turkish delight, boost bars, salmon rolladen, chips (french fries) with curry sauce (HEAVEN!!!), bree and crandberry jam, black current jelly, black current juice, bacon (british bacon is a really thin salty pork chop) rolls with brown sauce (a vinegar based bbq of sorts. The brand name is HP and every time I looked at it my brain added: "with extra microchips), Matilde milk!!!!! Clotted cream and fudge cake (brownies). Yup, my new year's resolution is get rid of the evidence (my lovely extra cush around my waistline).

We're back in Sandland. The cord to my camera has gone MIA for the hundred and ninth time. But as soon as I figure out how to work our new laptop and the windows 7 interface I'll be sharing all the fantasmical pictures I was able to snap.

While we were in England the sun set every day around 3pm. We couldn't really tell when it rose because the sky was usually covered with thick grey to blue grey clouds. Unlike Sandland everything was still green. Still alive.
To my surprise English sparrows are different from the Sparrows I grew up seeing. They're sleeker, dark brown, and covered in little speckles as if someone flecked them with a paint brush. So cute!

There was a strike on the Underground (subway) on boxing day; the day we were going to London to see Wicked. My parents live about 2- 2 1/2 hours from London. It took us almost 7 hours to get there. Oh yes. Between taking buses to trying to ride the few Underground lines that were open we made it to the theater just in time.
Wicked was actually really good. And that's saying a lot because I really don't care for musicals (aside from the classic disney movies). My husband even got into it, which is saying even more because he despises watching things, he's a doer. I encourage all of you that get a chance to see it to do so. There were a few twists that made me go "AH!".

We got back to Sandland just before New Years. We were actually able to spend it with DMAdam for his birthday. It was a lot of fun to see them again. I can't wait to live near them again and restore the NerdKingdom to it's former glory.
Bottle rockets are apparently the Georgian way of bringing in the New Year. I prefer a Root Beer floats and watching the ball drop, but the rockets were fun. One of them landed at my feet, another exploded in Jenifer's hand (she didn't hold the stick lightly enough).
To top off the night we watched the Original G.I.JOE movie. You know the one:

It was so weird and yet so incredibly fun. The jokes that went back and forth between everyone watching was probably what made it so amazing. I really miss the late 80's early 90's. Good times.

Who knows maybe the Year of the Apocalypse will be one for the history books. Hehehe.
Happy 2012 My friends. Come what may, Zombies or another year of recession with a puppet president, laughter and tears, may this year make us better people and give us moments worth remembering.
And stick to those resolutions! If I remember to I may ask in April how you all are doing with those. (^_^) *evil grin*