Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 5: These people really like the number 15...

I'm still doing this 30 day challenge thing. Now that I'm on day 5 I understand the challenging part of it: Finishing the Dern Thing! I don't think I can keep doing this. *over dramatic faint*

Today is Day 05- List 15 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack.

HA! Is this the 'day to day' sound track or the 'up till now' sound track. Because I have a great song for my middle school years and all the crap that is dealing with other 13 year old girls who are trying to reconcile who they are, who they want to be, and who their mom's are trying to forcibly mold them to be beside who society says they should be. (^_^) hehe

And what is it with the person who made this and the number 15?! Is that this guy's favorite number or something. What about 10 or 7? Those are nice numbers. Although I should be glad s/he wasn't a total nut and made everything the number 30... I'd be screwed.

I guess I'll make a"general" sound track. The daily sound track would be really confusing depending on the day. And the entire life soundtrack would be too long.

The Life of Ashes: the sound track! Comming soon to Virgin Records.

1. A Pumpkin is Born!
2. Yay I did it!
3. The moment's when the World Explodes.
4. Dating
5. Death
6. Germany
7. Japan
8. And more Japan (and we thought NSync was bad)
9. Reverse culture shock
11. Fun! So much Nerdness!
12. 5 more minutes... zzzzzzz
13. I don't feel so hot.
14. Hahahahahahahaha!
15. I did not just do/say that... *sigh*

You don't have to watch or listen to any of them. But here they are!

Ha! I sang the song and recorded the video and got it online... but wouldn't you know my NOT youtube account needs several hours to process because I'm poor and can't afford to be a 'plus' member. And I have to get back home to Kq!b' (Kyaba, the puppy who is probably doing the potty dance right now. *exasperated sigh*

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  1. No, I might know some of these songs, but I'm not good with titles. You are brave to do this 30 day challenge