Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jex watching

Jex forgets that I know how to work the Nexus camera pretty well. This  is only one of the sights I  get to witness on a regular basis. He was grumbling to himself the entire time. Haha!

And after much pressing, ironing and other crap I finally started cutting squares! Only I messed up pretty hardcore twice and nearly broke into tears. Oh, Judy, I'm working on a pattern Jex worked out for me after seeing a picture of it on Google. And I would love if you shared the staggered strip quilt pattern, it sounds super rad and less stressful.

Here are the colors I'm working with. It'll be a Christmas gift for my friend's 1 year old Izzy. I'm going to make his sister an owl plushie if the quilt doesn't kill me first.

The Light Heart Lives Long Δ π±℅°°°°°¡¡¡¿¿¿ hahaha, sometimes the tablet is fun.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quilty quilty... crap

Blogs are less fun to post since I don't have a camera anymore... birthday present! Birthday present! lol

I went to the 2nd ever Quilting Group Meeting at the church Jex and I found randomly. They're a good group of ladies, all of whom could be my mother. It was actually quite funny the first time I showed up they kept staring at me. I think they were wondering if I even knew what a sewing machine was. Maybe they were taking bets on how much I actually knew about quilting. hehehe. Whatever it was they got over it today. Everyone was talking about what patterns they were trying and color schemes and the best way to apply fun artsy touches.
I found out a lot of stuff that I didn't know. From the beginning I was going to wing it, now I'm still probably going to wing it. With as much as everything costs (damn you JoAnn Fabrics!) I really hope I don't suck at this. Sure I made a quilt like... oh my god.... that was 14 years ago..........
well shit.
Anyways. Today I'm making a space for my quilt project and having Jex help me with the pattern since the one I want to make isn't a free pattern... and there's no way in hell I'm going to spend $15 on paper I have to do all the work on.
I'm also going to start working on a stuffed Owl doll. Both of these are going to be for my friend's babies next Christmas. I'm sure Cait will probably love them just as much if not more. In any case it'll be worth all the money I've dumped into it. And it gives me something to do while I try to figure out Job-ish things. It's hard to be a one car family. It really is sometimes.
Stupid America and it's lack of decent public transportation. STUUUUPID.

Oh and I rented Cabin in the Woods!
I'm a chicken when it comes to horror type movies. But I'm so excited! It really looks more like a scifi movie than a horror. And Jex can't complain that I'll be mooning over the dude who played Thor (what's his name google? Ah that would be Chris Hemsworth. Thank you google) because no doubt I will be squealing into his lap and clinging to him like a koala through some if not most of the movie.

The light heart lives long~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fracking Friday!!!

I'm posting this sort of preemptively because tomorrow I'll be driving all day Friday and then hurriedly getting together with friends who are about to move to the other side of the Fracking Country and leaving me alone in the possibly God Forsaken South.
So exit now, you're going to Frackville.

I don't know about you but animals in Heat really really suck. Not kidding you, I really don't like hurting animals; even the ones that try and tear your face off or have your arm clamped between their teeth. All I wanted to do to Kq!b' was kick her while she was in heat. She was glued to my ankles, I was constantly tripping over her, she would not stop whining and yowling and licking me and trying to break through the glass panes every time she saw another dog through the window. And God WHY did you have to make it smell so bad?! Dog in Heat is honestly one of the more disgusting things I've smelled in my lifetime and I've been around dead things, backed up septic tanks, and barnyards. It was in my house.
I have a bit of a pet peeve about bad smells in my house. I swear I've used more Fabreeze and Bleach this week than I have in the entirety of my life before the dog went into heat. Ugh!!! UUUUGGGGHHHH!

Frack being a woman... today it's just not worth it. *eats more motrine*

And Frack driving for 6 hours!!!! I don't like it! Not to mention it usually coincides with the one week I'm not entirely up to driving for 6 hours. Be it that I'm getting sick, or bleeding, or have a broken foot or whatthehellever.

I also would like to take this moment to complain about dishes, not being used to having the internet at my fingertips and therefore poorly misusing my day/life, the red clay that is under my house, plumbing, the master bathroom toilet, my husband, my husbands wire brush mustache, my old broken computer, and the price of fabric!
Is that it? maybe? Well I feel a little lighter now.

Till next time, may your heart be light.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My marriage is weird....

So Jex stubs his toe on my first gen Playstation2.

Looks like this.
And comes over telling me to fix it.
With a sigh I look over to see that his pinky toe has been sliced across the top. What are the corners of the PS2 made of, blades?! After fixing him up I give him a hug. Then a kiss and another hug.

Jex: Did the blood make you horny?
Me: What? No.
Jex: You sure are lovey.
Me: *shrugs*
Jex: So it makes you horny; you're just hiding it.
Me: No!
Jex:*cups my boob* You're horny!
Me: My boobs can't tell you that I'm horny, you weirdo.
Jex: You're boobs tell me lots of things... like when you're asleep.
Me: You touch my boobs when I'm sleeping?!
Jex: Well yeah, you can't tell me to stop then.
Me: Gah! I'm done talking to you.... and I'm putting this on Scenes from a Marriage!
Jex: Ok, but put the whole thing on.

For the record I am not a vampire. My husband however is a bonafied creeper. Though vampire chicks are always super gorgeous... maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

The Light Heart Lives Long

Man, typing a post is sooooo much easier with a key board.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Carousel Life

Up and down, round and round, but at least it's flashy and full of sound.
The Carousel we call Life.

I'm back to the swing of things after all the fun and excitement of the U.K. and all the explosions that accosted my face shortly after coming back to the U.S.
My craft room is shaping up nicely and as soon as I get a new camera (a 2 year old busted mine... it's ok I was stupid enough to let her hold it while looking at pictures of herself.) I'm going to get back to I Spy. I've missed I Spy.

I don't know if it makes me lame, nerdy, intelligent, or anti-social (I'll probably go with Nerdy because that seems to fit most often) but I'm actually really excited about getting back into reading. I just started Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series on top of gobbling up every Codex of Alera book Jim Butcher has penned so fantasmically.
I have a special love for books. It's right next to my love for fun hats (I got a new one while in the U.K!!! I'll have to post a picture of it as my first 'new camera' post); only a little bit deeper. Why? Because I was a home schooler for a large chunk of my life.
What difference does that make? Actually quite a large one. After gradeschool a lot of people tend to send their kids off into the 'real' world, full of awkwardness and educational stagnation, completely unprepared; all the while praying that their children will adapt and be well rounded people instead of completely socially blind. I wasn't one of those kids. I got to go through middle school completely without peers; with the exception of the kids in the youth group at our church (cliche!). Guess what I did instead of gush over boy bands, or whatever it is middle school girls are supposed to do? You guessed it I read.
I read everything. Goosebumps, Chronicles of Narnia, G.A. Henti's historical fiction for boys, DK books on anything, cook books, mystery novels, and the gateway to all Dorkdom; Fantasy and SciFi.
I may not be the worlds most socially graceful individual, but damnit if I don't know a thing or two about fictional science and dragons. (^_^) hehehe.
I have a book that I read when I'm sad. I've read it nearly 20 times in my life.
I have a book that I dig into if I've had a good day. I have a book that I read if I want to draw but have no inspiration. I've got a book for almost everything.
And a favorite book of all.

So, tell me my two loyal readers and you too random passer by: "What's your favorite book and why?" Don't have a favorite book or just detest reading? Tell me about that too. (^_^)

Till the next time remember, The Light Heart Lives Long.

Oh and yes Daddio and Witchy are real people. My father in law and his girlfriend. They're fun.