Friday, June 7, 2013

I want a scanner

Not only would it make my life easier... well it would just be a fun thing to have. So that I didn't have to take pictures of all the artwork I did for the challenge. Yeah...

Anyways here is a dose of Marriage Giggles thanks to Jex.

Jex: Have you taken your Appelopolis today?
Me: You mean acidophilous?
Jex: Yeah.
Me: No.
The acidophilous is kept in the fridge. Which my husband walks over to opens and as he's taking the chew-able allegedly strawberry flavored tablets out of the fridge he makes this adorable little baby dinosaur 'rawr' sound before announcing : "Acidopolis, made from real dinosaurs." *cute rawr*

I love this guy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've been thinking...

So other than NOT posting the drawings like I said I would. Yes I'm totally lame. I've been thinking about doing more one liner type posts.
You know a little snippet of a conversation that caught me funny, a scene that actually happened in real life even though it's ridiculous, a stray thought.

Yes yes there is the twitter. I'm an old lady, I can't do the twitter. It moves too quickly and it's hard to keep up with. I have a hard enough time with my freaking facebook feed. I'm not online every day people.
Don't gasp at me like that. I have things to do, yo! *laughs*

I've also been thinking of jumping over to Word Press. Or at least dipping my toes in and seeing how it feels. I dunno though.

I'll probably post a big long post with a ton of sketches. Because, believe it or not, despite my inability to post on the regular I have actually kept up with the challenge. I'm only a day behind.
Hey it's a break through for Mrs. Chaos over here. I'm not one for regiment. The closest I get is making a shopping list.