Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear 13 Year Old Ashes...

I wrote this after being inspired by Cheesy Bloggers: because I can create entire mythical civilizations, anatomy, and alien worlds but can't write an original blog post.

Anyways, here goes!

To Ash, the Home schooler in Burkbernett who is afraid that the bars on her windows are going to be the death of her when the house caches fire.

Hey Ash,
It's you from the future. Don't believe me? All your Sonic Comics are in the drawer thing Grandpaw made you. Chance broke the super awesome rock perfume thing Cyme gave you and you just recently got a red letter from said Cousin that made you feel really happy and slightly awkward.
I have good news, I have bad news, and I have boring news.
The boring part is that I can't give you any advice in great detail. You know the Space Time Continuum and all that. I know, Lame. Can't be helped.
The bad part is that I have a few warnings. The Good part is you get some great first had advice!

Lets start off with the warnings, get the depressing part over with. You have a lot of hell yet to walk through. Most of it is hell that you are neither ready for nor is it of your making. If mom has yet to have that 4th kid take the time to go to your room and be happy knowing that Chance has grown out of the 'brake your stuff' phase.
The dark feelings won't go away. Keep up hope though, I'm writing to you so we obviously make it through them, and with most our sanity too!

Keep writing your stories. They're actually very good and if you don't finish them some one else publishes a similar idea which is totally lame.
You will find that forever friend you want so badly, so hang in there. There's no need to talk yourself up; they'll love you just the way you are. Yup, 'they'.
Pokemon may have ruined your name, but you get a way cooler much more fitting nick name later. For now just remember that Ash is also the chainsaw wielding, undead butt kicking, hero from Evil Dead.
You. Are. Not. Gay. The people trying to make you think that just want you to be as miserable and confused as they are! It's not a big deal that you don't really think any of those actors are hot nor any of those other dudes they keep squealing about. It's alright to hang with the guys, I promise.
Do what you love, play with Chance more often , and DON'T give up on things. I know this is a skill you've had to perfect in order to survive, but you'll hate that habit most.
When the Orthodontist says he's just 'polishing your teeth' he's a lying tart. That man will file your fangs into nothingness if you don't say "No thanks". Yeah, it sucks.

Enjoy the crap out of falling in love. Don't listen to all the people who are freaking out over it. They don't really know what they're talking about. Some of them are really important people to you and very very convincing. I reiterate: don't listen to them, it's a trap. Think of this time like a less obvious adventure, like a slightly less exciting version of The Princess Bride ('cept your way cooler than Buttercup). It's a good thing, I promise. Oh heck do I promise!

Finally, forget what mom says. She's just angry at something else; honestly you'll understand it when you're older and most the damage is already done.Sshe's just an angry person at this point in her life so don't take any of her yelled or muttered comments personally. You are not useless. You are awesome! You're wanted, needed, loved. You are worth far more than you give yourself credit for. When you hit your 20's you'll start to actually see it. You impact people that you never meant to and help a few get back on their feet. So look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are and ignore all the doubt and fear that tries to convince you otherwise.
As much as you fight it, you are related by blood to the craziest group of women known to man and you will share some of their problems. Great thing is that we know this so we're able to fight off the worst of it. We are cool like that.

Let people look at you weird, dance, sing, laugh out loud, and remember to write down all the good parts of life too, so we don't forget them.

If you get nothing else out of this letter Ash just remember this: You are good enough. Anyone who makes you feel otherwise is either wrong or issuing a challenge... either way beat them at their own game.
With all my love and a big hug, The Future You who has a great life.


  1. You know, that music that you have attached to this blog really adds emotion to everything. I almost cried.

  2. That was soooooo awesome and insightful. I would totally be afraid to do anything like this. Way to go.