Saturday, April 26, 2014

The End?

Hey guys.
Google has recently cured me of using any of their services other than their search engine... and even that isn't so much to my liking anymore. This unfortunately includes Blogger. *sadface*

I'm looking at Wordpress and Tumblr as alternatives. Actually I think I have a dusty Tumblr account floating around somewhere. So if anyone knows much about either of those alternatives let me know what you love and hate about them.

The reason for this is that recently all my blogger pictures sync'd themselves to my Nexus. No big deal right? Except I already have all those photos on my desktop, I don't want them on my tablet, and it won't let me erase them. That is only the beginning of my huge issue with the new and improved Google machine.
I've been on the interwebs for a little while now, and I really hate where it's going.
It used to be a fun place full of imagination and colors and poorly designed webpages and you didn't have to pay for access to things. It just was, and it was great. Now everything is stark colors, blue and white, orange and gray. Minimalist... boring.

Well anyways. This blog wasn't doing what it was supposed to anyways. So I guess this is The End. Maybe I'll catch some on you guys on the other platform I try to figure out. Maybe not.
Thanks for being awesome.

The Light Heart Lives Long~ Old Irish Proverb