Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm finally DONE!

I finished the Quilt Yo! Today!
*runs around whooping and hollering like a sugar infested toddler*
But no pictures yet. The recipient of said wondermus item reads my blog from time to time, and I want her and the babies to pull it out of the box with abject curious excitement. As soon as I get the 'yay I got your box' text I'll put up pictures of the little thing that took nearly 9 months to make.
Hand quilting is hard, yo.

That being said: I've decided to take a little break from quilting. I'm going to work on a steam punk jacket for a little bit instead. When I do start another quilt it will be for my little brother who just graduated highschool. *sniff* I can't believe he's 18! Where's my annoying 8 year old brother who broke all my shiz?

So... I just overheard a tiny bit of what my husband is watching on youtube (how do I know it's youtube? Because it's coming from his laptop.) and I'm pretty sure he's watching a zombie survival tutorial. *laughs* I love that man.

Oh. So our house is infested with fleas. They just showed up. Which sucks because we've been good about keeping flea stuff on the dog. I'm setting up traps and learning all kinds of things about how to get rid of the little vampiric pixies without chemicals (because my pets are stupid and will eat whatever I stick on the floor). I'll write about that adventure as it happens.

The next thing you'll probably hear about is StormCon. This weekend peoples! Wooooh!

And I leave you with a random picture.

God is good, but don't dance in a small boat. (^_^)

Me and my sister, half a lifetime ago.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Bells and River Tales

My friends just got married! Yaaaay!
I just got back for the festivities, sort of. We ended up staying the night with my brother in law because we decided not to drive an hour home after 10 pm. It's nice being able to make that decision, and just sleep. We don't get a lot of that in our lives.

Upcoming attractions in the life of Ashes and Jex include a trip to our first Con ever! Storm Con!
We figured if our first Con was also a First Year Con then it'd be doubly special. Right? Haha, no not really. It just turned out that way.
I'm thinking about going to Anime Weekend Atlanta at some point. But I really want to make a ridiculously awesome/silly costume and soak up the entire experience. Haven't had time for the costume thing this year.

Kinda convinced that my baby quilt will never be done. I keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and then having to go back and do a bazillion more stitches.

Oh and my pumpkin plants have EXPLODED! Really, they're taking up almost the entire garden now. I had to redirect them away from my herbs and lettuce. I'm so excited for Fall. I'm going to have a dozen pumpkins easily this year. YAAAAY!!!

Also I have pictures from the Kayaking trip a really cool elder couple took us on not too long ago.

Jex in all his muscled glory

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream




not so merrily

Life is but a dream.

Then Jex decided to play with the filters on the camera, they're pretty awesome.

The Swinging Bridge

A tree root thing

The river just beyond the Swinging Bridge where everyone got tipped over


Ashes on the Bridge with Kim and Mike

Jex deigning to let me take a picture with him

Mike on the Bridge

Oh hey... there are people...

The tree root thing again, this time with us

And this is us bailing out or kayaks so we can keep going

And me in a borrowed red hat

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


You are now looking at the blog of a licensed Zumba Instructor!
The most disorganized Zumba Instructor EVER! Because I left the training and forgot ALL the teaching tools they gave me.
No, I didn't forget the class. I forgot that bag of awesome that they gave me in the class. There was a CD with songs, and a DVD to show me the stuff my little brain couldn't jam into memory banks fast enough and a teacher's booklet to help me figure out how to choreograph songs. *tears*

So I'm kinda running around like an idiot trying to find everything. Worst part is the training was done 7 hours from where I live. So it's not like I can drive up to the Wellness Center where the class was held and be all like "Yo, I forgot mah shiz in your classroom. Couldja open it up so I can retrieve it?"

Bleh bleh bleh.

On the positive side, though, I joined the ZIN network (like a club for Zumba Instructors, membership fees, cool stuff in the mail that sort of thing). There is a surprising amount of resource there for me.
It might be harder for me to stitch together my first class routine than the other, smarter, members of my class, but I think I can do it.

Until next time,
Shake that booty. (^_^)