Thursday, June 30, 2011

hot knives and 0 stupid 30

Of Hot Knives...

My husband is a genius, but I swear he forgets that sometimes.
While playing with a candle he lit his knife on fire... put it out... noticed how hot it was, and with a rakish grin promptly folded it and stuck it, hot metal against his skin, in it's usual place on his waistband.
I'd like to think of myself as a good wife. In my concern for my husband's well being I ran and got a cup of cold water to cool the metal so it wouldn't burn a hole in his side.
He didn't want me to save him. But damnit I was going to. So I chased him into the bathroom where I promptly had my helping hand slammed in the door. No really he crushed the cup and the knuckles on my palm when I was intelligent enough to think I could splash him and retract my hand before doom ensued. Weird thing is, though it hurts like hell, there's not a single mark to show that love hurts... especially when it closes doors on you.

And 0 Stupid 30...

Assbreaker Tony, one of my 2 father-in-law's, just got out of heart surgery. He had to have 5 bypasses done. Yeah, I thought the max anyone could ever need was 4, shows you what I know about the cardiovascular system and procedures.
The night before we went to visit him in the hospital I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was suffocating. Got over it after Jex so sweetly opened the windows and turned on the fan.

Assbreaker Tony is doing ok surgery wise, no complications of a life threatening nature have arisen. Unfortunately he's having a lot of pain and his blood oxygen is a little lower than the doctors want. As far as I know he's still in ICU and will be till further notice. Which is driving him insane.

Knowing he's in no real danger we got back to Podunk from Atlanta near midnight. I was so tired. So tired that my usual 30-90 minute wind down time before I got to blissful sleep was cut down to 3 or less. Yeah.
But wouldn't you know that my body hates me? It does. Because I woke up at 0 stupid 30! 4:30 AM! What the crap is that?! Nothing is on TV at 0 stupid 30, we don't have internet at the house most the time, it's too dark for me to feel comfortable walking by myself in the wooded outskirts of Podunk. I ended up taking that walk anyways all 5k of it, and I stopped to pet every dirty country dog that wagged it's tail at me, and at every black berry bramble on the way to steal some of the juicier berries from the birds.

It's not even noon yet and I've been up for 6 hours. This feels so weird.

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  1. Ah. The road less traveled by. There's probably a poem in there somewhere...

    As I wander
    down podunk road
    I wonder
    Why I'm not asleep
    Ok that's all I've got.