Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm at Daddio's again. I pray to God every time we flop guest bedrooms that it will be for the last time. Today was good though; I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera at Will's (note: the picture above is from the last time we went to the lake right before Easter).

Abrigirl went on a walk with Jex and me. Now remember, our walks aren't short, nor do they necessarily stay on any sort of beaten path. At first she pumped her little 3 year old legs to keep up with us. Then Jex picked her up and stuck her on his shoulders (I don't think I've told you how attractive he is when he's indulging small children... OMG!).

After picking almost every flower on the side of the road we made it to the lake.
You know those really unrealistic perfect family moment's that are depicted on Hallmark Cards and in Hallmark Movies and sometimes on the girly cable channels? It was one of those moments. Getting Abrigirl out of her white butterfly sandals so she could splash around chasing green guppies in the water. Her squeals of delight at finding muscle shells and having Jex lift her out of the water onto the floating dock. And my most favorite thing ever, watching little kids mimic the adults near by.
Jex skipped the crap out of some rocks. No literally one of them was spinning so fast it literally propellered itself over the surface of the water instead of skipping (I'm so sad I didn't have my camera). Abrigirl tried to mimic his stance and how he was throwing the rocks. She figured out really quick what kind of rocks he was throwing and was picking out the best flat rocks on the lake shore. It was the perfect little family type moment. It was very fulfilling.

I don't like water. I haven't had a reason to relate the story as to why I don't like water, but I'm sure it'll come up eventually. However the place we visited today had chips of mica scattered all over the beach. It was beautiful.
Best part of all: I didn't get sunburned. Woo!

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