Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures in Wifery: Missing a Spoon

Recently I found this little jewel (and by recently I mean like 20 seconds ago) and I just HAVE to share it with you.
Will!!!!!!!!!! I'm warning you: you may not want to read this. And if you do... don't tell Jex it's up here. *puppy face*

This happened in February while we were living in a Mississippi hotel for a couple months. Jex doesn't do this often, but when he does not only is it the greatest laugh ever but I usually have something in my mouth and there's usually a mess to clean up afterwards.

*past Ashes (Rem) Talking in a mock brittish accent*: "Earlier my husband had called me to ask a question. His phone promptly died on him right as he was about to articulate it to me. At dinner he decided to relay the question. And it went something like this.

Jex: Ah, I remember the question I was going to ask you. You packed the soup and I didn't know if you packed a spoon.

Ashes: *thinks for a moment* Nope I kind of assumed there was one in there.

Jex: Yeah you do that, forget to pack silverware for me. Imagine how I ate that delicious stuffed roast you made me without a knife...

Ashes: *sarcastically* Oh I can't imagine. *takes a great big bite of dinner*

Jex: I had to cut it with my Penis!

Dinner went everywhere as I choked and he laughed with a cute little blush on his face."

The both of us are prudes sometimes and we're still shy about dirty joking with the other. Ah, the awkward joys of newliweddedness.

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