Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ashes vs the Bugs: round 2

Most of you know about my encounters with Scorpions.

Well, I haven't seen a single scorpion in nearly a week or so. None have been hiding out in my shoes or crawling around in my bedding or anything! It's been great!

However with the advent of summer a new problem has arisen. Sink gnats, beetles, giant ants, and along with them spiders. Maybe it's because I've never really lived in the American Countryside (though I totally count Alsdorf and Wolsfeld as the middle of bloody nowhere Germany) so I'm not used to this kind of stuff, or maybe I just need to call the Orkin Man for my brother in law. Either way I found out that stepping on a stink beetle while cooking and having it stick to the bottom of my foot (uncrushed and with his little legs kicking up a storm) kind of makes me scream like a little girl.
Nonstinging things have recently started to think my body heat is nice. And I have no idea what made a meal of my waist line. But it had to stop.

Hahahaha! Lucky me Will found a secret weapon: moth balls. turns out they're not just for moths. They can keep away everything from scorpions to snakes and then some. And so far it's worked. I'm loving my clean creepy crawly free bed.

Ashes vs Bugs: Ashes wins!

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