Saturday, June 4, 2011

She-ra! By the power of greyskull!!!

I will smite the leaky pitcher!!!

Alright here's how it went down. I make homemade lemonade the way a friend of mine (Missy) showed me how to. This involves real lemon slices, simple syrup, and honey. When the lemonade is finished off (about an hour or so after it's ready) I have a bunch of blanched lemon slices I don't know what to do with. I don't have a garden (because I have no house), don't know any recipes that call for lemon slices boiled in sugar water, and so I usually throw them into the tree line to compost and keep the opossum off Will's porch.

Yesterday I guess I suddenly became She-ra, because when I chucked the lemons the entire pitcher went spinning off into the treeline with them. The pitcher, that had already been fixed once due to a small crack in the side, hit a tree with a crack and spewed lemon slices like sticky round confetti. The entire time I just stood on the porch, mouth agape, with the pitcher handle still in my hand.

Poor poor pitcher.

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