Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't let the Bed Bugs bite

Dear Scorpion population of Georgia,
As of right now my bed is off limits! If I find another one of you creepy crawlies in my sheets again there will be terrible recompense to your friends and family under the rocks in the driveway.
You have been warned. ~Ashes

Night before last I got stung awake. I roll in my sleep and apparently scorpions don't like to be rolled on. My right butt cheek is red and swollen, itchy and burning, and I've taken so much Diphenhydramine (anti-histamine) I feel like I'm going to pass out any second and ; don't worry I'm still within the 'safe dose' quota. I've rubbed every cream I have that is for bug bites or allergic reactions on it. ARGH!

This is not a normal reaction to scorpion stings for my body. Usually it hurts like having a small portion of your skin literally smitten by some other worldly force of pain, throbs a little when it gets brushed or too much pressure, and that's it. Usually in a couple days I'm right as rain.
Have I mentioned that I would rather be shot by a repeating beanbag gun than feel intense itching? Well, then, now you know.

Later today I get to enjoy the fun of carrying Ollie the grumble cat in the car, applying for a new Passport, and cleaning the kitchen. Good thing it's raining.


  1. O______o Hunny! Can you get to a hospital if this continues?! Are you ok driving?! Be careful-GRAHHHHH! *shuts up mom mode*

    *breaths* Take care of yourself, m'dear. Maybe some ice will sooth the itching and swelling. I can also look up more treatments that could help, if you'd like.

    Chin up, m'dear. The rains may come along with the messes, grumbling cats, and apparent butt-biting scorpians... but there will be sunshine, sparkles, kittens, and butterflies in due time. Haha. Kein Stress. You're She-ra now, remember? You can do anything! ^_~

  2. I'm not going to have to go to a hospital, because it's not going to get worse. lol
    But to answer the question, no. We can't afford health insurance (I'm a freaky hippie herb picker for a reason).

    Yeah, well, turns out She-ra's bum is extra vulnerable to scorpion stings.

    Oh I was going to comment on your blog, but the link was being stupid.