Sunday, June 26, 2011

He says: I've still got it.

But I'm only 23!

Yesterday was awesome. I got offered a job AND was respectfully almost asked out by a marine. I love the library!
Anyways, though those were awesome, Mr. Marine said something that kind of caught me off guard and made me wonder wether or not I looked old.

Mr Marine: "Are you married?"

Ashes: "Yes!" *happy face*

Mr Marine: "Damn.... I was going to ask you out."

Ashes: "Oh. Well thank you, I'm flattered."

Mr Marine: "Well, you've still got it."

I've still got what? Is getting married supposed to make me instantly frumpy? Maybe he thought I was actually in my 30's? Oh no! I'll be 30 in 7 more years... Am I going to be that lady who's 40 and everyone thinks I'm my own children's grandmother?! My tiny little vanity had a hissy fit, and I asked Jex if I looked old. He just looked at me like I'd swallowed a whole watermelon and told me I was rediculous.

Then I went back to the thought of marriage making one frumpy and unhappy. Is that really what happens? If it is, that's actually kind of sad. "Yay! I found the ONE and I'm going to be with him forever... yay... oh god..." *instant frump*
Whatever it is I was supposed to lose and to what, I'm still slightly confused. But that doesn't change the fact that I still have IT. Whatever IT is. (^_^)


  1. I think he was paying you a compliment. That marriage hasn't made you unhot.

  2. Actually, that makes sense. I think I may have to take lessons in social interactions so I can understand this stuff. lol Still begs the question: why would marriage make me unhot? Oh well.