Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home again home again... jiggidy jig...

I loved the crap out of Thanksgiving and the family and the fun. Oh the fun!
If it were ok for me to have Thanksgiving every month I would totally do it!

.... Then comes Christmas ....

You will see no joy from me over the upcoming ulcer indusing holiday of massproduction. I am a Scrooge with everything but the lights. I do really enjoy Christmas lights and driving down the housing developements with snacks and hot cocoa just gazing at the crazy compilations flung over every home.

But that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm HOME! My own house, my own pillow, my own kitchen. And the climb up to the 3rd floor.
I am however not jigging because I busted both my knees the night we got home (yesterday).

You see. Kiyaba, the 35lb puppy (DEAR GOD don't let her get any bigger!), was so excited to be home she had to stuff the entire appartment complex up her nose. Not kidding.
It was dark, wet cold, and I was tired from driving forever and a day back to Sandland from Texas and all I wanted her to do was pee so I could climb up the stairs and go to bed. I didn't have her on her leash because typically Kiyaba is really well behaved. But not that night. No. She just HAD to track down Wally, the chocolate lab she plays with sometimes and then FREAK OUT when I followed her. Stupid dog bolted.
Now I have lost a puppy before because it freaked out and bolted (hence why I love cats more, they've never once ran away from me). So my sleep deprived face flipped out a little and propelled me down the cement stairs at speeds unusual for a non-runner such as myself.
Leaning down I managed to get a hold of Kiyaba's scruff and trip on the last step at the same time. Oh yes. There was a flurry of fur and blue stripes as we skid and rolled on the side walk. And wouldn't you know it the majority of the impact was on my knees.
With fewer curses than I felt like shouting I picked up the biggest puppy on earth and limped back to our appartment building and up the stairs and proptly shut her in the laudry room before getting ice.
I decided against a picture because it might gross some people out. However if they bruise really prettily I'm definately putting one up.
Isn't it grand to be home? *grumble mumble sigh*


  1. I for one want to see pictures of your bruised knees. Now hop to it. well, unless you can't hop cuz you have sore knees :)

  2. That stinks. Although it is fun having big dogs. At home I got 2 st. bernards (3 year and 1 year old) The little one thinks she is a lap dog.