Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Spy~ UP!

I've jumped on a bandwagon of Awesome! Mostly because I'm a very visual person and I'd rather show a picture than talk about something.

I SPY!!! The super fun game of find, capture, and post that I play with Dazee and Christy. It's easy, simple, and totally fun. Get a camera, any camera, and take a peek at the prompt for this week. During the week snap photos that make you think of the prompt, be they crazy, psychodelically colorful, or thought provoking. When you're ready to post on Thursday snag the I Spy logo from Dazee, Christy, or me and link up with us. (I am still figuring out the link thing so you'll have to visit either of the awesome ladies mentioned above to do the linking.)
A picture is worth a thousand words; and all that. (^_^)

The prompt for this week was interesting.


I had a lot of fun trying different pictures and angles to get something that made me think of going UP or being UP and the like. But Jex and Kiyaba ended up taking the cake.

I heard my husband chanting "Up, Kiyaba, Up" turned around and witnessed our dog freaking out because she didn't want to jump onto the bench Jex was standing on. I whiped out my phone just in time to snap a picture of Kiyaba gathering enough courage to jump.

And now for my choice.

This is my hubby and Salthouse. They are THE SAME PERSON in almost every way. Look at their faces! AGH! But it works out because Salthouse's wife Druid and I are the same too. In any way that the boys are not the same they're the same as the other guy's girl and visa versa.
With our powers combined we create one whole married couple. Haha!

Next weeks Challenge is: Decorations and Your Choice.


  1. I love your take on Up. That is why I love seeing what other people see. And I have to ask....Are they twins?

    Thank you so much for linking up today.

  2. I am so glad you are doing these with us. I love how you got that photo of your husband and dog. Sweet.

    I love looking at things differently than what people expect. I'm so glad you are the same way.

  3. @ Christy: Nope they're not twins. Not even related. And that is why it's so creepy.