Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tay-has or Bust

You know your cappaccino doesn't have enough caffeine in it when you look in your rear view to see a Semi barrelling down on your bumper and the only thought that comes to you is: "Oooh! Optimus Prime!"

((For those of you who don't know, Semi Trucks scare me. Not just I get a little on edge when I drive around them. No. This fear is on the edge of Panic Attack Land. And since I obviously can't fight the big bellowing monster spewing black into the air and roaring as it barrels down the road in Rinky the dinky red station wagon I tend to turn into speed racer... or make pitiful noises that sound suspiciously like wimpers. ))

So, Jex and I drove the 22 hours to Texas for Thanksgiving with some of the coolest people in our lives. I can't remember if I gave them code names or not. Hmmmm.... Anynames we started driving on the first hour of Yesterday, the 22nd, and began the long trip on a mostly empty road with a cooler full of goodies and several audio books. It started out well. We listened to Harry Dresden ((It's like Harry Potter but actually awesome)) take on all mannor of creepyness (because I am a nerd like that) and took turns sleeping in the passenger seat. The dog only puked once. It was going really well.
Then the battery light lit up.
We've had an alternater in our trunk for a few weeks now. We knew our alternater was going bad. I even took the time to change our spark plugs (and holy crap did they need changing... one of them was bent people! bent!) and install a new air filter. Yet somehow it was a good idea to take the alternater and speakers out of the trunk before starting our trek of grand proportions.
At first the battery light only lit up if I went over 75. It flickered like there was a loose wire or something. Then it began lighting up if we went over 60. And then it didn't turn off.
We pulled over to get some breakfast and I lost the dash. All the lights died, the gages stopped working and there was a beeping sound I've never heard before.
The alternater died exactly halfway to our destination. EXACTLY!
We were back on the road 5 hours, 3 wrong alternaters, and 400 dollars later we were back on the road. So much for the money we got back from our move. But at least we're not in the hole. So that's nice.

We're here now. In one piece and loving on our friends. And I can't wait to get video of the lot of us getting drunk and trying to play Curses.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you're list of Thanks be longer than your list of Disappointments this year!

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  1. I totally get your fear of semi's. I CAN NOT be beside one. I think it all happened when I was really young and saw a gas tanker that had rolled and was burning like crazy. and they say you don't always remember things as a kid.

    Have a great time. And Happy Thanksgiving