Sunday, November 13, 2011


*insert corny lighting bolts and fan effects*

*ahem* My husband is back! The Military finally decided that it's ok for him to be less than 1000 miles away from me! I'm so happy! Even though he decimated my clean house in less than 12 hours.

And our car is dying. According to Assbreaker Tony it's about time for it to die. He actually only intended for Rinky the dinky red car to get us around for a year or so. Just long enough for us to get settled in the U.S. and buy our own vehicle. The poor thing has gotten us over Rabbit Ears pass in Colorado twice, from Georgia to Washington state and back, to Texas four times, and Mississippi, up to Massechusettes and back this passed month, not to mention the bajillion trips back and forth from Georgia to South Carolina we had to take while waiting for Jex's classes to FINALLY start. Poor little car.
I want a Passat or a Prius. Jex is thinking a Suberu monster Baja

I don't even remember what day of my 30 day challenge I'm on... I think the last one was 17? Sure that sounds close to right. So today I'll do 18.

30 day challenge #18: Some one you would want to switch lives with and why.

Hmmmmmmmmm.... Does this person have to be alive now?
Well if the person doesn't have to be alive now I'd have to say Noah. Why? Because I really want to see what the world was like a few thousand years ago. I really really do. I don't want to hear theories; which to me is the scientific word for 'imagination'. I want to see it with my Face! Then come right back home. Unless the theories about older civilizations being more advanced than we are now is true. Then I want to stay for a few weeks or so before coming back home and writing a award winning book that will replace twilight.

If it has to be a person who is still alive then.... uhhhh.... Now I wonder if it'd be wierd to pick a different gender.... bleh who cares.
Keith Urban's personal assistant. Why? Because I'm curious about which actors are actually cool people and who are actually douches. Especially since meeting members of my favorite band.
Maybe I could go fishing with Morgan Freeman or something. *Ha! I laugh at myself*


  1. Yay for husband being home! Boo for him messing up your house. Yay fo rhim home to help you clean it!

  2. yee-haw. hubster is home!!!!

    That's kind of a good question. I don't know who I would want to trade places with