Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 17 and a Novelist's update

And so I find that I'm doing too many things at once, yet again.

Anyway today's number on the 30 day challenge is actually fairly easy to accomplish.
Day 17 is: Something you could live without.

Oh boy! Here Marrianna Annadanna and V will get one of those lists they love so. Because I feel like ranting just a little bit.

All the things Ashes could live without.
1. Daylight Savings
2. The massive amount of country radio stations
3. Bad Rap music (there is actually some good rap music out there. It's not just a myth!)
4. Gangster Style
5. Brand names
6. Fan Girls
7. Fan Girls
8. Twilight Fan Girls (I'm talking the crazy ones, if you're a sane Twilight fan I hold nothing against you. Honestly I enjoyed much of the books myself.)
9. Inuyasha Fan Girls
10. Stupid drivers
11. Cell phones
12. the Flu Shot
13. World of Warcraft (actually any MMOG, Massive Multiplayer Online Game)
14. Wal-Mart
15. 1/2 my wardrobe
16. Cosmetics
17. Dymatap (or any other godawful substance that is 'supposed' to be good for you)
18. Plastic women (the ones that are alive just for clarification)
19. Jersey Shore
20. It's always sunny in Philadelphia
21. Most reality tv in general
22. Music television that doesn't play music.
23. The 52million and 4 infomercial channels in cable packages.
24. Religious people (not you spiritual people who actually live what you believe)
25. That guy who leaves the cart in the best parking space.
26. Processed Cheese Products
27. Pabst Blue Ribbon (eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! Who actually likes this stuff?!)

I feel better.

I've gotten nearly 7,000 words down in 3 days. I felt good about that till I saw that the majority of my friends had gotten to the 15-18,000 mark, that effectively popped my pride balloon. Thanks to Shane for making me feel better by saying that mine was probably better quality. Probably a lie, but it made me feel good.

I don't know if the excerpt I posted was too long. I'm thinking of posting shorter segments from time to time and seeing what you all think since you're who it's there for. So, would more bite sized pieces of my NaNoWriMo project be better for you guys? I would like to hear from my silent readers on this one too. Again this is all for you guys.

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  1. I rather like your list. especially the beer one. and the country music one, and the.... ok, all of them.