Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo Panic!

Oh my GOD! NaNoWriMo is in my face and I have too many ideas and a puppy that has to go outside whenever I get into my 'zone'. AAAAAHHHHHH!

So here are my ideas.
1. Rewrite and finish the novel I started last year about dragons and zombies. I know weird combo but it's a really really cool plot. At least it made me happy.

2. Finally pen down the 'hellspawn' story that's been nagging at me for a while.

3. Start a new story based on a dream I had about me and my friends having super powers.

4. There's also this Skyrimm story I started with a friend several years ago. It's on a planet that we created together. There are 14 races and at least 3 made up languages, we have flying motorcycles, floating islands and a war between the Stratta and the Firma. And did I mention there's also huge steam punkish flying ships? Oh yeah.

5. The little kids story about Vampires that rust in the sunlight and are afraid of the dark, werewolves that are super soft and fluffy when they transform along with a near sighted elf and a narcoleptic golem.

*Sigh* I don't know what to do!!!! And I spent so much time fighting with the interwebs in order for it to give me open office so I could actually write!

I'm leaning towards number 2... sorta.

So any input Dazee? Anyone?


  1. Well before I read what you were tending towards, I was going for #2 also. Or #5. Or start a whole new one. You can do it, I have faith.

  2. I hope whatever you choose, you share! Personally I'm most intrigued by #5, but that's cause I (a) like children's / young adult fiction and (b) like new twists on vampires and werewolves. Good luck!