Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 6: A Picture Again?! And a little jingle

Helloes! On a Nerd note I'm absolutely DYING for Final Fantasy XII: Versus to finally make it's release. I've literally been waiting for it for the last 3 years! And I just found out that Square Enix is finally giving it %100 for production. It still won't be out until 2013, but that's ok because if I put aside $5 a month till it comes out I'll have more than enough money to freaking Pre-order the crap out of it!

Today is day 6 of my 30 day (cut my eyes out with a spoon) challenge: A picture of somewhere you've been.

Though tempted to post a picture of my bathroom I decided to give you guys a little eye candy.

This is the shrine in Towada Japan, it's near Towada lake which is a huge volcanic crater that filled with the coldest most delicious water ever. I've never been there in the winter, but this was the best picture the internet would give me (like I've said before I borrow internet and computer away from my apartment). The caretakers of the shrine have a cute little welch corgie, which made my sister really happy. Good Gracious I miss all the festivals! Towada's summer festival is where I got my first taste of Heaven Black Sesame ice cream. *sooo goooooood*

And here is the video I said I'd post for Dazee's song. I look totally awesome mid-blink. Haaa~ (-_-)"

Dazee's song from Angharad on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a Cheesy Challenge instead of a 30 day one. It'll be a nice break from freaking out when asked to post a picture of something.


  1. you freaking rock my world. I love you. I'm so going to put this on my blog. I mean, I'm going to link it. So awesome!!!!!


  2. It's so awesome that you sang Dazee's song! And you sang it well:-)

  3. Ha ha this cracked me up! Just popped over from Dazee's blog to check this out!

  4. Lol. Popped over from Dazee's blog. This was awesome. You're my hero for doing that.

  5. Hi! I'm Jenny! And I'm grinning from ear to ear!

    How cool are you?

    How cool is Dazee?

    This was really fabulous. You have a great voice!

    Still smiling!

  6. That was adorable. What an honor for Dazee.