Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walking with my husband

Marriage weight. Someone somewhere cursed me with it (and don't deny it! I heard "I hate you for being skinny while eating brownies" all throughout high school), and even though it took a year and a half to find me, now I have this little extra squish that jiggles when I go up the stairs too fast.
Nooooo! My habits haven't changed (with the exception of three letter long married people stuff.) What the heck is this? *pokes squish*

So, my husband (who just got called by someone's 98 year old Pawpaw trying to get a hold of a Joseph, who just called back again... and my husband is just talking to the old guy and having a nice conversation. I love him!) is nice enough to go on walks with me. And tease me till I feel the need to chase him, and con me into playing rock paper scissors to see who has to carry who up the hill, and make me push him up the hill just because.

Walking with Jex is something like the Olympics of walking. It's never just a route around the neighborhood or block. It's usually a mile and a half experience that includes a few obstacles, side quests, and aggravation. But hey, I've lost a pound and a half. (man I use a lot of parenthesis)

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