Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yay! and not so yay.

We get paid!
I'm happy the government worked itself out. This is probably why I stayed away from politics for so long, it's full of drama and I get really worked up.

---- The happy ends here---------------------------------------

And so today I've tried to read about the Fair Tax stuff. *sigh* Why does everything about government have to be so conniving?
Actually, why does everything about everything have to be that way?
Sales' Man: This is the best product ever! (actually it's a piece of crap that will cause you grief and isn't worth the money you pay for it, but hey I've got bills to pay so my Honor and Pride are going to have to take a back seat)
My Utopia has a Dystopia (I have no idea how to spell that word) I'm sure. But at least in the world I'd love to live in the majority of people have the kind of Self Worth that kept them from putting their name to anything of poor quality. My grandfather taught me to never do anything I wouldn't want to put my name on. Dad taught me the worth of a Good Name. If I do anything I want to do it right.

So, I'm going to provide a link to the Fair Tax bill and the places that are of special interest. Since I thought I knew what I was talking about based on the information that I'd gained prior to my last post. Honestly in this day and age it's hard to tell who's speaking truth and who's running off of bias/emotion/self interest. I hope that I can be a voice of truth, to the best of my human ability.

Fair Tax Bill Sections of interest are Section 2, part 7: Section 103: and Section 703 parts a-c.

Seeker posted a link to This Blog for me to read.

Here's a Blog I found.
I tried to read a panel that was done by tax professionals but it felt like I was reading Portuguese and I didn't understand half the words and I don't have the time to be going back and forth between the dictionary and finding my place in the text.
And now I'm going to do laundry and get ready for guests.


  1. I'm with you. I stay away from politics and religion as much as I can on my blog.

  2. Yeah. I'm still learning that. XD! It's good that we learn from our mistakes.