Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the 80's are out there

Ok, so for most of you the 80's don't seem like that long ago. Heck, even I feel like they've only just ended, and I didn't even really grow up in them (early 90's foo).
But they are definitely over, and certain aspects of the 80's have the ability to make me bust a gut every time,.

So when my father-in-law (who will henceforth be known as Dadio)found an old 80's work out shirt and tried to convince us that it belonged to Jex I thought I was going to die. Dadio has a handle bar mustache and slicked back thinning hair; imagining him in the little cut off gray T was bad enough. But when Jex slid it over his aerodynamically muscled body and started doing Napoleon dynamite moves I couldn't take it. The fit of giggles was too much and literally rolled me straight off the bed.
The father and son banter was just a cherry on the cake.

Dadio: Man, you're so gay.
Jex: This is your shirt, that makes you gay.
Dadio: The 80's were gay! And it's your shirt, turd.
Jex: Admit it this shirt is yours.
Dadio: Nah, it must be one of Witchy's.
Jex: *Napoleon Dynamite Dance as his dad stands behind him and pretends his eyes are melting*

Yup... I love my in-laws

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