Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training, internet issues, and SuperSaiyan hair

Note, my internet is not reliable. With gas being STUPID per gallon I'm going to forgo driving the 15 miles to the library for 10 minutes of web time (yeah they suck). But when I'm at Daddio's we have wifi! Posting will me chaotic at best.

Okay so maybe I just totally gave away my exact age in the title, maybe not (probably just let the interwebs know how big of a dork/nerd I am). I lived to watch Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon on Saturday mornings, along with Gargoyals and Zeta project, and don't get me started on Batman Beyond.

Anyways none of that is the point. Point is my hair is YELLOW due to my husband asking me ever so sweetly to try and dye my hair blonde (with the promise that afterwards I could streak it with any color I so desired, purple and blue!). And I've been using the Super Saiyan joke/line to keep from breaking down and crying every time I pass a reflective surface.

What is this training I mentioned? Oh, well, it's marathon/strength training for Warrior Dash. I'm so stoked. I hate running with a passion, but throw in some obstacles, a finish line made of FIRE, a fuzzy viking hat, and a free pint of beer at the end and it's my new favorite thing. My husband, being the super special awesome military man, is in charge of our training regimen. But he let me pick out the order.
Distance run + strength training, fun cardio, easy sprints + strength training, sucky sprints, day of rest.
Today I did my 1/2 mile sprint in a little over 4 minutes. Before you laugh at me, I'd like to point out that there are LOTS of hills here. Yay mountain terrain. Since I thought that was pretty good I rewarded myself with a rootbeer float. Because there's nothing like negating your progress when doing something you hate. lol
Jex makes me feel like a fatty. He runs the same pace I do with a freaking 20lb backpack. Stupid in shape husband made of lean muscles and stuff. (^_^)

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