Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Time fun

It's spring time in the Appalachian range in North Georgia. Birds singing at 9 pm, wasps making multiple nests in Jex's grill, pot holes full of rain from the last random spring storm that swept through night before last.

It's also about this time my husband and I get stupid ideas. I may not look it, but I'm really really out of shape. When I was in middle school I was tiny, so I vowed to be stronger than everyone. At that time I could do something like 50 chin ups and could bench press close to 90lbs (impressive when you take into account I only weighed about 75 or 80). In high school I played softball, did 20 REAL push ups every night, and ran at least 3 miles a day. Even when I lived in Japan I'd ride my bike something like 5 miles a day, and college 7 mile walks once a week and 20 minute jogs every other day.
Now; I feel good if I can walk just one mile and do 10 girly push ups. So you'd think when my husband asks me if I want to bike ride around his mom's place I'd say 'no'. But it's so nice outside.

Most of you are probably thinking: "what's the big deal?" It's not the ride that's the problem, it's the terrain. My mother-in-law and step-father-in-law live on a Mountain. Yeah.
The bike ride started out awesome, because I love speed (there's nothing like flying down the steepest hill ever and shooting through a covered bridge at 45 miles an hour without an engine). Getting back to the house was the problem. My bike is only a little 6 speed, foldable, bike that I got in Japan specifically for getting around at college in Oklahoma. It has 12 inch tires. Even on the lowest gear possible I was going up the hill slower than I could have walked up the hill.
However this is not the first time I've fought up the steep incline. Last year when my husband wanted be to train with him for some of the more secret parts of his job I jogged up the hill (and my jogged I mean more like limped).
All the memories flooded back as my body was leaning over the handle bars in a vain effort to pedal faster. I only made it a fourth of the way up the hill before I gave in to common sense and walked my bike to the top.

When we FINALLY made it back home my husband was awesome. Before bed we both got leg massages and Jex got a hand massage (because unlike me he isn't comfortable going 45 mph without better breaks than the two rubber erasers on his back tire). Thanks to my loving hubby I can mostly walk today. Mostly. (^_^)


  1. Bad Dazee. I won't even tell you where my mind when when you said Jex got a hand massage. What????

  2. huh... *smiles* I didn't even think of that! XD! He has old man hands and I massage the life back into them. It's kind of become a ritual since they got all split open during a mandatory camping trip in the middle of northern washington state winter.