Tuesday, April 5, 2011

home again?

Jex and I are back in Georgia.
Back to driving 53 miles every week to spend time with one of my pair of in-laws. Returning to the Nerd Kingdom established during my husband's high school years after a long 5 month absence. *sigh*

Only it feels more like the Twilight Zone than Home.
First: the porch of my mother in-law and Tony's home is clean. Poor Chloe dog had surgery on her snout after an accident with a buried electric line. The kittens are no longer kittens. My brother in law has a girlfriend!

Second: Adam, the king of Nerd Kingdom, is now dating and has moved in with Carrie, the mama hen/queen of Nerd Kingdom. Neither Jex nor I saw that coming. Matt, the Keeper of Tales, is engaged to Sara(h), the Knight Errant. And Joel, once an outsider to the Nerd Kingdom is now a full fledged member (though I'm still fuzzy on what his title should be).

Third: Jo cut her hair.

Luckily for me my father in-law will probably never change. His hairline will forever be receding, he will probably be crass till he dies, and just over one side of surly with a dash of corny male humor.

This week we're in the spare room of my Father-in-law's. My husband has helped me split my black magic deck (no I'm not a witch/wiccan, it's a card game) into two decks. We've played some games, watched Tangled! (ah! I love it!) And gone on two walks around the nice wooded area around where my father in law lives near lake Lanier. Some how in that time I tweaked a back muscle so bad I've been whining involuntarily all day.
My loving husband gave me a massage earlier so I could get some food down (when I'm in pain, emotional or physical I don't eat) and maybe he'll be sweet enough to give me another one before bed. *fingers crossed* If he doesn't I think I'm going to lay on the cute really thick till he crumbles into a pile of heart shaped confetti.

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