Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Award?!

On Feb 17th I got an award from Chicken. It took me 6 days to find it. XD!
That's pretty good considering that since my husband took the little japanese toy that meows off of my key chain I've lost my keys every day... and once for nearly three weeks. I think he got tired of me walking around running into everything every time he asked me to go to the store.

Here's my Award!!!Isn't it beautiful?! It's my first one too! I love it and the words that went with it were the cake. Yes, the award was just the icing, or cherry for those of you were aren't fans of buttercream. mmmmmmm.

Now I'll have to pass it on to some one else.

I think I'm going to have to give it to my lovely Norie. Her blog has encouraged me to deal with my third culture/ reverse culture shock head on instead of simply longing to go back overseas.
Norie, gambatte! You're soul is so bright, your heart is so kind, and your head is so wise you can make it through everything. I'm sure of it.

Okay something you don't know about me?
Hmmm... I only buy shoes I can run in or have the potential to be used as a weapon. I can run in all three pairs of heels I own.
What else? I watch Dr. Who every chance I get.
Brittish comedy makes more sense to me than other forms of comedy.
I can still remember the theme songs to Captain Planet, Gummy Bears, Digimon, Sailor Moon, My little Pony Tails, and Darkwing Duck and sing them on a regular basis.
Most of my personality is linked to the Cartoon Mighty Max. No really... it's scary.
I was a Virgin till 2 months before my 22nd birthday. And I still do my best thinking After the Fact. (^_^)Y

Again, thanks so much Chiken. You totally made my week!

Oh and here's the link to the whopping 2 pictures from the fashion show. I have one more that my husband took that I haven't wrestled with his camera to extract. But I will.


  1. Hi you, so glad you found it. And the pictures? You are beautiful. Looks like you had fun. Sorry so late in getting here.

  2. It's okay. And thanks, my husband has banned me from the mirror because I critique myself too much.