Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yes, you heard it here second; Jex and I are in Mississippi. The base is ok, library sucks (which is pretty much where I live so you can imagine my disappointment), everything else isn't too bad tho'. Being here for 2 months won't feel like pulling teeth at the very least.

On the upside I found a great volunteering website so I can do something while Jesse is off being all smart and stuff. I applied online to an animal shelter in the area, at some point I think I'll drive down and talk to the people in person. I don't mind helping to take care of little fluffies. And maybe then I'll have something more interesting to talk about than the bushes shaped like dolphins that we saw on our way into town. Really, it kind of freaked me out.

Last night tho' we had an interesting dining experience. We ate at a place called "the Mellow Mushroom" it was pretty pricey, but really really good. The pizza we ordered (with my fantastic Sam Addams from the tap) was called the "Pilosopher's Pie" and had steak and artichoke hearts and portebello mushrooms and klamatta olives, with feta and mozzarella. It Was So Good. Easily one of the best pizza's I've ever eaten. We even had enough leftovers for some lunch today.
The whole establishment is very 'groovy' and 'mushroomy' with a lot of old hippie classics playing over the speakers.
Best part for me tho' was reading the back of the napkin. I giggled. Who knew there was such a thing as Soy Ink? And how is that better than regular ink? Hmmmm, things to ponder.


  1. Soy ink is probably more mellow than regular ink. Like soy candles. Not like soy milk, though, yech. Maybe the library has some hidden treasures? Maybe? I hope so. The first place I head in any new town is the library. No word of a lie, I got stranded in New York with a broken down car and three yound children once, and we spent about 8 hours at the local library until someone could get to us. The library in Tarrytown NY? Rocks. Good luck in MISSISSIPPI. Do some tree kissin'

  2. I just read you guys are there. So I need to ask your address to send you some stuff. :)

    I will be back here to read yours in specific.

  3. You're right Chicken, about both the libraries and soy milk.

  4. I assume you guys are on Keesler AFB. There used to be a tatoo shop near there, a porn store that was on the beach that was painted pink, and the Seebee base is very close to. Oh yes I certainly agree, the Mellow Mushroom is fantastic in quality, but you do pay for it.

  5. Well, actually Katrina took out a lot of the stuff you remember F.W. There's a lot of construction on the piers and some stuff just never got rebuilt.