Thursday, July 26, 2012

I no Spy

I wanted to join in on the pictury fun this week.
.... but I haven't seen a single creepy crawly in England...
Not a single one! I've heard stories about them, even in the news here recently they were talking about the sudden boom in the insect population. Oh wait I take it back, I saw a honey bee and a fly today when in BigBen's Parent's garden (that's what they call the back yard).

Sooo My Choice?

Ah whatever, Here are some England pictures.

 We had tea/lunch at a little place inside a woman's clothing store. Not kidding it was like having a bistro in the middle of a JCPenny's Misses section

 And this was in the middle of a place called Kingslyn there was this church. I love Circles and the window was full of them so I had to take a picture

When I saw these signs my mind played havoc with me. Apparently my brain doesn't care to read in straight lines. My brain decided that the signs should read: "Keep mad as a Rock and Carry a Hatter"

Why Yes I am... If Scrummy is a good thing...

 This is right up there with Moss Burger in Japan. Wimpy burgers for everyone!

The light heart lives long.... and carries a hatter.

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  1. oh man, too bad you couldn't find any different looking creepy crawlies for us to see. I got a huge kick out of how you read those signs. You crack me up