Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hen Party Emergency!

It's July and I saw my breath today. The ladies from my family's church all got together and ate at Pizza Hut and went shopping at a store called Range. Range is like the bastard child of Ikea and Michaels.
The sky was grey and it drizzled; it didn't stop us from having a good time.
While in Range I bought some ceramic paint for the party favors we're going to give out for my sister's Hen Party. The idea was to use the paint with some Alice in Wonderland stamps to make the tea cups I brought with me all themed like the party.

I'm sitting on my mother's mac talking to my buddies from high school when my mom hands me the phone. On the other end is the Maid of Honor, JP. JP is half asian, I don't know if you know what this means; if you have asian friends then ignore the next bit. This means that JP is very excitable. I don't know what it is but EVERY one of my asian friends has been spring loaded in a way that friends of a different genetic background aren't (unless they've lived in an asian culture for a goodly chunk of their lives.... stop looking at me!). So, she's all like: "Ashes! Oh no! I have an Emergency!"
Being the kind little heart I am I think: why are you talking to me? isn't my sister your best friend? before I say "What is it?"
"The paints and the stamps, they don't work!" She says. "I tried them and all I get is a blob!"
I tell her I'll be right over and take a look at the situation.
She's right they don't work. The stamps are made for paper and are therefore very linear, the cups are very convex, and the paint is very stupidly slick. I tried a few times with my steady as a rock artist's hand (ha! I wish) and realized it was going to be a pain even if we did find the trick to it.
Luckily I am a little bit crafty. Since we can't use stamps I can make stencils, on contact paper. You see I can make what's known as a Graphite Transfer Sheet (thank you Mr. Atkins, you're the greatest art teacher ever!) once the contact paper is on the cups smoothly I can transfer the patterns I printed out onto the outside of the paper and use an exacto knife to cut the shapes out. From there we can just paint over it then remove the stencil bits! Yay!
We haven't actually tried this; as awesome as the idea sounds it may not work the way I think it will work. I hope it will though. *fingers crossed*

Other than this we've got everything taken care of.
Should I give you the juicy details?

Yes I think I will.

The Hen Party will be in two parts.
First, a Mad Hatter Tea; where I will be the Games Mistress.
We're making cake pops, cherry cupcakes, irish car bomb cupcakes, and maybe lemon elderflower cupcakes, tea sandwiches that are going to be filled with awesomeness like bacon and cream cheese. We'll drink tea and giggle and have silly hats and outfits.

Second, zur Disco. We're going dancing, which loosely translates as clubbing into American vernacular but not really. We're honestly just going out to get buzzed and dance till our arms go numb while giggling like little schoolgirls.
I was going to wear my Mad Hatter outfit when we went to the Disco, but everyone else has a dancing outfit and I felt a little out of place. Luckily I thought this might happen so I brought some stuff that can be turned into a rockin' dancing outfit. Yay!
Then we have a few days to recover before we dance down the aisle. Really, we're dancing down the aisle in purple princess dresses. To the song Dynamite, google it, my mom's mac hates anything that uses flash. Hee hee.
Purple Princess Dresses and techno music. Makes me giggle.

The Light Heart Lives Long. <3

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  1. sounds like fun. Yeah, I need some excitement. :)