Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wedding Showers Bring... fake flowers?

The longer I watch/help my sister with her wedding the more thankful I am to have completely omitted this bit of life. Knowing me I would have turned into a proverbial dragon and eaten everyone before all was said and done. Between guest lists, seating arrangements, RSVPs, things to print and buy and set up and colors to pick and songs to choose, I don't know how Elff hasn't just up and exploded. Which is saying a lot for my very... um, passionate... yeah passionate sister.

Today was the wedding shower, hosted by Lady Uppercrust II. No really her house and garden and demeanor just radiated privilege. We got to watch my sister open super cool kitcheny gifts for upwards of two hours and then everyone took a handful of hershey's kisses and put them in Elff's hand while wishing something over her.
You wouldn't believe how many people reiterated "Don't go to bed angry."
Then we got to D; who is having issues of epic proportions poor lady, and she wished for Elff and BigBen to have no shortage of forgiveness in their marriage that there would be no nights with some one on the couch. It was sweet and heartfelt and I just wanted to hug the crap out of her.
I wished for Elff and BigBen to be best friends, to be able to have fun with one another just as much or more than they were serious with one another.
My mom wished for them to put God first. A lady I can't remember her name wished for them to have a date night once a week (with a jamaican accent added: "To keep things fresh.").

It was sweet. There were lots of womanly tears shed. I felt really out of place; these things are not for me.

Ah and I said I was going to upload some pictures of the adventures I've been having. So, as promised here are a few.

The first thing I saw when mom and dad took me from London-Heathrow to Methwold
Le~Stalker Service Truck!

Here we have BigBen trying to climb a ruined flint manor wall, while Rocker plays with his jackett and Elff turns her face away from the camera without realizing it. 
 A Pub sign that made me happy.
 The cereal section in the U.K. isn't very much different than our own. With the exception of this interesting little gem.
 My sister did T-man's 11th birthday cake. He wanted a Modern Warfare 3 cake and Elff rose to the occasion with a nifty little number.
 This is a church. Most all of them are pretty like this.
 A little corner store cafe my mom and sister took me to. It served a really nice cheddar and ham panini (pinini? penini? ponini? ugh stupid spell check what is the right way to spell it?!), and of course Tea.
 And the best for last.
Mom and Elff nomming on some freaking phenomenal belgian style 'chips' / pommes/ french fries.
Oh were they ever so good. (^_^)

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  1. Cool pics. I totally was seeing the bridal shower in "Bridesmaids" when I was reading about your hoity toity one you went to. hahaha. My advice. Always hold hands. To this day, even when we are sitting on the couch watching the news, we hold hands. I love it.