Monday, January 9, 2012


Yes that about sums it up.

The lovely USAF took Jex away, again. Head cold, boxes to pack and send, college applications, moving soon and can't get a house till we know which college Jex's attending, and I'm the Maid of Honour in my sister's brittish wedding.
Did you know that Maid's of Honour have duties?! DUTIES!!! Holy Crap! I don't even know where to start.
The more I see/know about weddings the more I'm so glad I didn't have one. Yes I will forever feel a little sad that I don't have the fun pictures that commemorate the event but I still have my sanity and I'm not in debt so I think that's a fair trade.

I googled it and found some really pink websites. No really, Barbie herself would be jealous of the gratuitous amount of pink on the web page.
I feel like I'm in the Estrogen Ocean in a canoe. My sister is like 'over nine thousand!' miles away (not really but I had to sneak in a DBZ reference that none of you will probably get) in England and I have this list of Duties to attend to. Most of them have to do with being right there with her and/or having knowledge of the area in which the wedding is being held. I have neither, and I really want to to a good job. I will however rock when it comes to planning the bridal shower. Because my sister has picked a Mad Hatter style tea party theme and Jex has so many great and random ideas for games. Maybe.

And I feel really bad for falling behind with ISpy and reading everyone's blogs. I still love you guys! Really I do.

Till I blog again stare at batman and giggle.


  1. You need to watch Bridesmaids. Too Freaking Funny. and I gave you an award.

    Cuz you deserve it and such.

  2. I saw that award! It is a nice one! So where did Jax get sent? Can you share? I'm guessing not Britain? You will be a great maid of honor. (honour?) The tea party is a fun idea!

  3. @ Chicken: Jex is at Fort Bragg right now. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I needed it today.
    @Dazee: I watched Bridesmaids on the plane ride back from England actually. If I can get by without the emotional break down (because it's looking like I'll have to compete with one of my sister's friends like the rich chick and the maid of honor on that movie) I'll feel victorious! Aw! I feel so loved and happy! Yay! Thank you Dazee!