Friday, January 20, 2012

Frellin' Friday!!!!! *madface*

It's only 2:22 and already I'm revved up and ready to punch Friday in the face.
But "Frack You Friday" is more about a collage of all the frustrations of the week.
So I'm going to borrow Dazee's listing method and try to get some of the frustrations that are kinking my neck out.

Frack you Rinky! You couldn't have waited literally 10 more minutes before you dropped your valve seat into the engine?!

Frack You College Application Process!!!! Frack you to HELL! Why on earth do you have to be so particular about where you get the documents from? Do you know how much money goes into administration fees to get those stupid 10 cent papers to you? Oh wait, I forgot, it's a scam because the board of education takes all your money. But still! Over $100 bucks in fees later just for you to tell me whether or not Jex can go to school there and you're still not satisfied... you want me to fill out a FAFSA.

Which brings me to the crescendo.

F*(&^*%&$*&^)*_)#@#%# You FAFSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough rings in hell for me to cast you far enough down to feel satisfied. Since when is it a requirement to disclose EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, to a college. It's not the college's business how much we have in savings and what we're planning to purchase with it. Now if we were applying for financial aide then sure I get that. But we're not, we haven't even gotten to that yet. They want to know things that I don't even know about myself and I'm pretty sure I'm the authority. Last time I checked anyways.

Frack You OldMan Gamer! I'm married. Not only that but I could be your daughter. And you smell. You've started creeping me out, leave me alone. Sure you used to be cool. But this whole not contacting me hardly at all while Jex is around and then blowing up my phone the day after he leaves for TDY is NOT COOL. If you keep up the way you are and don't get the massive sign I painted for you I may just have to disown the game along with you.

Frack You Kq!b' (And Frack Jex for spelling your name so weird!!!!). If you and your little puppy face keeps me awake all night one more time I will have a new fur coat and a really nice dinner.

Frack You Fort Bragg! Not only did you take away my hubby, but you're too damned big to be a military base. You have a HIGHWAY!!! You're ridiculous with your one way streets and having a poorly constructed Air Force Base at your heart.

Frack You Belly Fat! Do you not notice the change in diet and all the stupid exercises? I know you've noticed some of the exercises, you screamed loud enough yesterday for the neighbors to hear you. So go away already! I'm going to continue to do my 'healthy' thing until you give up and then some!

Finally a big heart felt Frack You to the SandLand Base Library for being closed all day Friday instead of choosing a Tuesday or another random day that most people don't go to town and run their errands.

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  1. Oh My Gosh. I totally did a meme today for Frack you stuff. You should come on over and link up!!!!

    Wow, I'm so glad you got all those fracks off your chest.