Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's over 9,000!!!!

Bah! I'm sure the people who usually read my blog won't understand it but the title of this blog always makes me smile. And I need to smile right now.

The Dog, Kq!b' (read: Kiyaba) kept me up all night again. So what's a girl to do? I called the emergency vet in our area and cried. Ok so I didn't really cry but I'm pretty sure I have the most annoying tone of voice EVAR!
She breathed hard all night, like she had just run a marathon or was still in the process of running a marathon, and then when I got up to get her some more water she followed me and I noticed she was limping. What the hell? You were fine yesterday dog!
What's a girl to do at 0612 in the morning? Call the vet.
The lady on the phone was very nice considering she'd probably been up all night too and was most likely covered in poo and god knows what else. When I asked if I should be worried enough to take Kq!b' in to the doggie ER she said: "No, just watch her over the weekend and if she keeps it up go into my usual Vet on Mon. If she get's worse then bring her in." She was a pro. Her tone of voice was practiced at calming down crazy pet owners afraid their 'baby' was going to dye of a bug bite. Even for some one as cold hearted (no really I was dubbed 'Ice Queen' in high school because I was too pragmatic about others, pain, death, and disease) as me who was just frustrated at losing sleep was lulled into a sense of peace.
ER Telephone Vet was right. Kq!b' got better as the day progressed. Even to the point I felt ok to bring her to the dog park. Then the vet who had set up shop at the dog park for a public service thingie told me that her fever and her breathing could be a reaction to 'growing pains'. Never occurred to me that puppies could have growing pains too. Huh.

But this is not the half of the day. OH no Sireee Bob. Yes I'm talking to you Bob. (haha, there is no Bob.)
No, she pooped in my friend's car on the way to the dog park. Thank GOD for leather interiors. And she got me all kinds of muddy. But maybe, just maybe, she'll sleep tonight. IF not I feel no reservations about sticking her fluffy butt in the bathroom overnight.

Tomorrow will be better. Monday will rock. Because I decree it thus. I will get so much done on Monday that Tuesday will be declared a public holiday for the Bell house hold. In which I will drive downtown and buy one of those weird bacon maple doughnuts. Because I'm pretty sure my tummy is tired of fruits and veggies. (^_^)


Ah and for those of you who wish to know about the over 9,000 thing. It's from a cartoon called "Dragon Ball: Z" and there are these aliens called saiyans and they have these face computers that tell a person's power level. A 'normal' human is usually around 2-100 or so. Martial artists are higher (I think). And crazy weird alien warriors are in the lower thousands give or takes.

Here's the famous clip. And of course like EVERYTHING on YouTube there are countless remixes and songs. Even some really fun demotivational posters.

Hooray for slightly awkward voice over acting. *hahaha*

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