Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ready, set.... Stalk!.... Day 22

I feel like I'm running a race I thought would be a sprint and I keep having to jump over things and instead of clearing them I knock them (and myself) down. Every other day is something else. Maybe not anything as world shattering as when Rinky gave up on life. Enough though that I've decided that I'm taking a vacation.
For a day I'm going back to Towada (at least in my mind). Where there is 2 feet of snow still. The lake is gorgeous and the hot-springs are the perfect temperature. I'm going to eat Yakisoba and Tonjiru (Miso soup but trade in the sea weed and tofu for pork and root vegetables) and hot anko (sweet bean stuff that is kind of like thick hot cocoa). Yup, totally going to Japan in my head tomorrow, yukata and all.

The most recent thing (as seen on facebook) that isn't actually a woe is being stalked in one of SandLands mall. I don't know how many PacSuns had the blue dot sale last weekend but it was basically buy 3 get 70% off of each item. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. And since all my belts and jeans have recently decided to follow Rinky the dinky red car into the after life (really there are few things more depressing than pulling a pair of jeans over your legs and having them rip out at the seam) I needed some replacements.
I did my every other morning jog and met J-Iron and Van-hotness-a to see what we could find. They had arrived an hour before me and had pretty much gotten what they wanted. I didn't find much so we walked around the mall for a few minutes but found nothing worth spending money on. Since I was the only one really looking for anything I told them that I'd catch them later. I was going to try a couple more stores and see if I could find any jeans that would fit over my thick ass thighs that I didn't have to belt down to the rest of me (basically I was looking for the impossible).
Not 30 seconds after J-iron and Van-hotness-a left this creepy dude locks onto me. I don't mean to sound nit picky but I am not that hot, nor do I have the usual 'style', so I have no idea why the hell this guy decided to creep out on me. Must've been my camouflage skirt and grey t-shirt, that totally screams 'trailer park!'.
So this guy who looks kinda like a drug addict looks as if he's going to intercept me as I'm walking. So I put on my 'I can and will beat you to a pulp' face and tighten up my body language. It's Ashes' version of the evil owl [ <--- if you click on the link it's at 1minute 9seconds of the video].
This, though enough to deter him from actually impeding my progress, didn't put him off completely. Oh no, like the shining example of everything creep that he was he walks so close to me one could've barely slid a sheet of paper between our shoulders and whispers in this low rasping creep whisper "I need your number".
Ugh! UGH!!!!
Still I can't figure out how I kept walking as if nothing had happened. After a few seconds though I felt eyes on my back and glanced over my shoulder to see him walking about 10 feet behind me. He meets my eyes and waves with a smile that says "Yeah you so want this" while I raise an eye brow that begs the question "Are you a complete idiot?". I chose at that point to pretend he didn't exist. Ducking into the nearest store I went about my (futile) jean hunt. Every now and again I'd catch him outside whatever store I was meandering about looking in from the side of some random kiosk. And every time my heart rate shot up and my fight reflex (because it has to either that bad or that weak for me to actually run)demanded I pound him into the floor I had to remind myself that he didn't actually exist so it didn't matter. Ha! I'm pretty sure he only followed me around for 5 minutes or less, it seemed like forever though.

I also just remembered that I was still in the middle of the 30 day challenge. THUS, I will try and finish. Maybe then I'll have something more interesting to write about than the pitiful stuff.

Day 22 is Share a Picture from your Day.
Hmmmmm... Seems the cord to my phone got left at home. Maybe I can steal one from her mom's facebook.

This is the cutie I've been keeping busy while her mama fights off a nasty flu. As you can tell she's quite the little person. If I ever have girls I want them to be as awesome as she is.

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  1. omg, you totally should have gone all apeshit over that dude. and then taken pictures. Really. next time, do it.

    What a cutie.