Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Exhale

I'm so glad that most bad days are followed by good things.
Last night and yesterday sucked major and blowed harder. But today was smooth, like really good Whisky. Not my favorite stuff in the world but it does the trick.
The interview with the PI was weird and short.
I think I may be turning Psychic because he looked exactly how I imagined he would. A little portly and mostly bald with glasses and a well tailored suit. The only difference was that his striped tie in my mind was purple instead of blue. *twilight music croons in the back ground*
I've nearly taken care of everything I need to in order to have another vehicle. Albeit a crappier vehicle (16 hwy, 12 city *facepalm*) but it will get me where I need to go when I need to get there so I'm not complaining. And it has a 5 disk CD changer in the console!!! Wooo!
The towing company was nice. Even though when I called the guy answered "Affordable" and grunted more than spoke, all the other people were nice. My car didn't get broken into as it sat over night at a gas station uncomfortably near the seedier side of SandLand.
I'm almost at peace.
Just a few more deep breaths and I should get there soon.

I did, however, have a really bright spot on my day: I got to watch "As You Like It" in a new and exciting way. It was set in Japan. Oh yes. I loved it. But then again I love that play to begin with. It's really great for giggles once you can easily understand the old English vernacular.
"I do hope we become better strangers." - Orlando
*Happy Face*

May the trouble train not stop in on you all any time soon.

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