Monday, November 15, 2010

Me and Myself

I was sitting down today thinking that I needed to change the back ground of my blog to fit my mood better. You know maybe a splash of color or something.

I sat and stared at my blog for a long time trying to come up with alternative designs and patterns and styles. Honestly I came up with a lot of them. But as I went through them they were all very changeable. If I chose one of them I'd probably change my blog style every other week, or something.

Then something hit me. A realization I hadn't quite grasped. I really didn't want to change my blog style or picture or any such thing. I wanted to change something about me.
Because, as I sit and stare at the picture I chose as the head of my blog I realized something. My blog is the image of myself.
I don't know when this happened or why. I just know that the way I styled my blog is a mirror of what I see when I look on my insides. (no not my guts and bones, my spiritual and mental insides)
Actually, it kind of made me happy that it was so serene, even if it got a little dark sometimes. Just stare at the picture of the temple ruins I have on my blog and see what you feel.

Maybe it's just the picture that's a mirror.

Either way, somehow as I did this I found an acceptance of myself I hadn't had before. And it feels really really good.


  1. You don't have to change the design unless you want to. Asking yourself brings you to have your "own" answers which are very different from me or any other person.

    I love your design! But the words are so small that I cannot spend much time concentrating on reading your English a lot. But that's no problem for me. I can come here and spend time reading for myself. I will make a decision to read it myself. :)

  2. Oh thank you! I didn't know it was hard to read the type I had up. I don't mind making it easier to read, that doesn't change much.
    Thank you Norie!