Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've been writing a book for 9 days now. The plot is simple and straight forward, though really nerdy, and on the edge of campy. It's encouraging to know that this is just a first draft. Later I will have time to go over my Zombie swarm scenes and make them more than three sentences long and fix all my lame, cliche, dialog into something less middle school.
Today I'm having a hard time getting to writing. Honestly, all I want to do is watch the Jeremiah reruns on Syfy.
Eventually I'll get around to writing again.

I want to share my Main Character though. I love them.

Simon Black: Snoody assistant director to a company called Luna Clear (it's a makeup company)
I have a hard time with his motivations because I made him a youngest son, and I'm an eldest daughter so I think differently. But I'm loving the challenge he presents. Doing the right thing for selfish reasons that gradually turn into the right reasons. I'm excited and frightened to be writing him.

Caelee McLeod: Teacher's Aide and freelance photographer/videotographer. I'm trying not to make her a clone of myself. Making her feminine and vulnerable while having a steel rod for a spine and a determination to survive has been fun and slightly embarrassing.

Blaine (who has no last name): Zombie enthusiast and pro-gamer. He's just a blast to write, and I shamelessly am making him a clone of one of my friend's little brothers. I love the things that come to mind when he's responding to an intelligently worded question. For example: "Dude, no." and "Sad day, man." XD! I love it!

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  1. Hi Ashes, thanks for your nice comments on SC's blog. I could probably come up with a book's worth of ideas for 30-day novels. I'm good at the idea part. The actual development of said ideas is where I tend to suck. My attention span is sadly lacking. Sounds like you are on the right path, though. Good luck with your writing. I'm a youngest child. Feel free to run anything by me. I'll give you my slightly narcissistic, I'm the baby, gotta love me, straight from the gut reaction.