Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th of November, Veteran's Day.

Today's the day we remember the men and women who serve in the military. Like My Most Amazing and Wonderful Husband who I love with all my little heart!
There were a few plans for today, you know the classic American barbecue/grilling. Of course the Best Vet's marathon on AMC.
Sadly, I couldn't watch AMC's Best Vet's marathon thanks to someonewhowillremainnameless.
So now I sit here thinking about all the wars and such that have gone on in our past and the pride that people have for their soldiers makes me feel all warm inside at the same time it squeezes my heart until it pops like a little meat balloon.

My dad has been in the military for going on 20 some odd years. I grew up on military bases all over the world. It's a big part of who I am. Veteran's Day reminds me of all the old retired Army and Marine guys who've 'adopted' me over the years, my daddy, and my friend's parents.
Conversely it reminds me of the things my dad, Mr. Pat, and husband have told me about being deployed. My father, God bless him, is a medic. He gets to watch boys younger than his daughters die because, argh! I don't want to get on my soap box so I'm just going to leave it with: Suxors dood. Mr. Pat was in Vietnam, worst war ever from every angle I can see it.
War sucks. The end. Unfortunately it can be a cause for things like: economy recovery, the displacement of a totalitarian regime, and cool things like personal rights.

So today, take a second to remember some one you heard about being a soldier, either a long time ago or recently and smile for them. Just feel warm and fuzzy that there are still people who will go and deal with the shiz so you and I don't have to deal with it later.

I'd love to add a 'wives of veterans' foot note to veteran's day. You'll feel a personal stake in whatever war your man had gone to after a month and a half of being woken in the middle of the night to 'patrol' or 'take cover!' and other bleary unintelligible mumbles urging you somewhere other than your pillow.

Anyways. Veteran's day has proven to be yet another opportunity to reacquaint myself with my American roots. It's a rule of thumb that for every nonmajor, nonreligious, holiday American's will grill out. What they grill varies from state, province, and individual family. However getting outside and setting something on fire to cook your food over it is universal.
Honestly, I never really liked grilling out. The wind blew stuff into my food and it wasn't as peaceful as a Japanese style pick-nick. AND at the risk of sounding unamarican (which I often feel is the case) I don't like hamburgers. Meh.
I do however looooove potato salad.
I don't remember German's ever grilling. As far as my memory serves me the only time anything was grilled in Japan was either by a food vendor at a Festival or at a Yakiniku restaurant, both of which are vastly different surroundings when compared with a backyard get together.
So I tried to find some info. My google skills aren't really that great because my American English terminology is actually very outdated and frankly nonexistent.
But I did find a singular link that rabbit trailed me enough that my lack of understanding of this VERY American tradition lost a lot of it's interest.
The link has all the same information as the little news channel blog I found. Most the other links I clicked on said the exact same things. Meh.
Us Girls
My theory that American's are slightly obsessed with being Macho is being proven every day. lol

Happy Veteran's day everyone!

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